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Benny Hill- Funny old world
The Benny Hill Show Episode #17.3 (1986) The funny old world moments
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Benny Hill - Benny's Quickies (1976)
Benny with Lorna Nathan bringing their own food into a restaurant and Henry as the waiter telling them not to do so. Henry, Eddie Buchanan & Jackie Wright contend with a fly in a restaurant, but Waiter Benny comes to their aid. Benny then recites a short little limerick. Benny (in drag) pregnant and Henry McGee as "his" father; Benny buying a bra with a bag on his head from Lorna Nathan; a starving Benny stealing Henry McGee's food in a cafeteria; Henry looking for directions from Jackie Wright; Benny allowing himself to be distracted from counting (in the office) when Terry Lucas bends over the file cabinet and limerick from Benny about his dogs. Feb. 18, 1976 (recorded Nov. 21, 1975)
Funny Benny Hill Police Car Chase!
Just a short Benny Hill chase I made whilst bored.
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Benny hill:funny policewomen scene
A really funny scene with a band and two policewomen.
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Hilarious Benny Hill Moments
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Friday The 13th - Benny Hill (funny)
Made with almost no editing required....except the speeding it up. While making my other music video, I made this almost by accident. It is a tribute to the great great Benny Hill....enjoy!
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Benny Hill Funny Video
Funny as video! the theme song from the Benny Hill Show suit this movie perfectly...
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GTA5 Funny Moments - Benny Hill Cop Chase, How To Get A Girl, New Friends & More!
Randy and Pags take a step into the unknown, leaving the safety of their Nintendo randomness... to play GTA 5! Watch as these two bros die hilariously, explore a new world, get girls, become convicts, make friends, and much more! People involved: Michael Pagliaro (DatPags) Randy Baxendale (321Start!) Songs used: 0:09 - Elevator Music (I can't find an actual name) 0:32 - Scheming Weasel (faster) ~ Kevin Macleod 1:19 - Movement Proposition ~ Kevin Macleod 3:13, 6:38 - Benny Hill Theme ~ Edwin Davids Jazz Band 4:14 - Encounter ~ Super Smash Bros. Brawl 4:29 - Sneaky Snitch ~ Kevin Macleod 6:05 - Ride of the Valkyries ~ Richard Wagner 7:18 - Fluffing a Duck ~ Kevin Macleod 7:56 - Carmina Burana ~ Carl Orff 9:20 - Gonna Fly Now ~ Rocky II 9:26 - Witty Fellow ~ Spongebob Squarepants 10:00 - Darix Togni ~ Digi G'Alessio 11:00, 13:18 - Mortal Kombat Theme Song ~ The Immortals 11:22 - Brodyquest ~ Lemon Demon 12:46 - The God-Slaying Sword ~ Xenoblade Chronicles Outro Song: Heaven by Envy Check out my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/DatPags Find me on other social media! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/datpags Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/datpags Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/datpags And as always, thanks for watching!
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HILARIOUS Benny Hill Crazy Hospital
King of comedy, Benny Hill..
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The Benny Hill Theme Makes Everything Funny 😂
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
Everything is funny with Benny Hill
Everything is funny with benny hill
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The Benny Hill Show S17E03 - Funny Old World
The Benny Hill Show S17E03 - Funny Old World
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Benny Hill - Robin Hood
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Teletubbies feat. Benny Hill funny
R.I.P,.. :v
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The Handyman.. Benny Hill.. Duped By Many!
Another Classic from the.. Master! Benny Hill, Comedy, Handyman. Either Way.. One Of The Best!
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Orange County Police Car Chase - Benny Hill Themed
Orange County Police Car Chase - Benny Hill Themed
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Funny Motocross Crashes Benny Hill Style.
Some of the video highlights from the Scottish Twinshock meeting at Ardentinny Dunoon on the west coast of Scotland on Sunday 19th June 2011. Although there was plenty more action at this event I have increased the speed slightly in order I could fit more footage onto this 7min clip. There is a 90min DVD available of this meeting with all the racing action, (and run at normal speed of course). Hope you enjoy!
Views: 210824 Chris Montignani
The Walking Dead - Funny Jesus Chase Scene S06E10 (Benny Hill Music)
The Walking Dead - Funny Jesus Chase Scene S06E10 (Benny Hill Music)
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Great Moments From Benny Hill - Funny Moments Benny Hill Best
The Best Benny Hill Show Moments Ever Non-Stop The Best Benny Hill Show Moments Compilation
Views: 1403 Funny Videos hahaha
Funny Video Compilation - Benny Hill Edition
funny video compilation with benny hill theme song
Benny Hill/Slayer Mashup Disaster
Created by me. If I made you laugh, please put a dollar in my tip jar https://www.paypal.me/andyrehfeldt Thank you! I am now going to hypnotize all the 180,000+ subscribers who have never given me a donation- you are getting sleepy. You will give me, Andy, one dollar every month, so that I can quit my job and just make fun videos for your entertainment. On the count of three you will awake. 1-2-3. Thank you in advance for your dollar- Andy Here's the mp3 for just a dollar! https://www.patreon.com/posts/benny-hill-22500906
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Adding Benny Hill to anything makes it funny (UN Landmine Commercial)
More proof that adding the Benny Hill Theme to anything suddenly makes it funny.Here's the original version:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXVCYQ1qix8
Views: 140769 Krista M. Bates
Benny Hill - Hospital Hi-Jinx w/Closing Chase (1986)
Hospital Hi-Jinx takes place at an old-folks hospital. April 16, 1986
Benny Hill - Benny's Quickies (1989)
Starting with Benny as Jake, serving some soup to Preacher Henry McGee. Then, at a bus stop, Little Richard Whatling is scolded by Anna Dawson for biting his fingernails. A drunken Bob Todd tells the bartender that his wife is going to leave him if he doesn't stop drinking. Then, three of the Little Angels want to get into Scuttle's Circus for free. Benny getting a pink pullover sweater. Joanna Kirkland asks Richard Whatling how old he is at the bus stop. At the barber shop, a fire engine is heard and Benny tells Henry McGee the barber he has to run to his girlfriend's house. At the office, Benny gets a call from several of the kids asking for Stinky Jones. Benny in a museum talking about Ancient Rome with Joanna Kirkland attempting to correct him. Then it's a crime scene with Benny as the officer showing Henry McGee and Bob Todd where he marked around the bodies with chalk. Bob Todd having dinner with the kids and asking them what their father does before each meal. Bob Todd is the fortune teller for Anna Dawson. Next, We go to the park with Benny trying to read and being interrupted by the kids playing musical instruments. Then, Benny and Bob Todd are thinking of a pocket calculator as a gift for a friend. We then move to a bus stop with Benny and Anna Dawson looking at a punk that Benny thinks no woman would want. The Marriage Guidance office features Jon Jon Keefe and Lorraine Doyle arriving late to see Henry McGee. Finally, Lorraine Doyle has been babysitting for Anna Dawson. April 5, 1989
The Red Wedding with Benny Hill Theme (adding Benny Hill to anything makes it funny)
HBO's Game of Thrones season 3 episode 9. Red Wedding. Just proving that adding Benny Hill's theme to anything makes it funny. I own nothing.
Views: 127950 Mikel Herran
funny animals and benny hill
this is just a project for college i want to give all rights to tiger productions https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKy3MG7_If9KlVuvw3rPMfw and i do not own the music benny hill does
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Benny Hill - The Police Raid in Waterloo Station
Harry and Midnight are out to steal Lady Cynthia Ramsbottoms jewelry. Classic sketch with Benny Hill.
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WoW Freak Out Kid with Benny Hill Theme Song
Video response to WoW Freak Out Kid, with Benny Hill theme song dubbed over
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Benny Hill Theme
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Naruto Shippuden Funny Moments - Benny Hill
Naruto Shippuden Funny Moments
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Benny Hill can make anything funny
Watch the original here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGE8LzRaySk
Views: 10009 Snuggleumpakis
Super LOL! Pastor Benny Hinn Street Fighter Video (Benny Hinn Going Ham)! Very Funny!
Make money in funny easy way, check this: www.scribd.com/doc/93999432/ ---------------------------- THIS IS A FUNNY CLIP OF PASTOR BENNY HINN PREACHING. he is preaching like he is fighting lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owqRfmu2nhg
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Proof Benny Hill Theme makes anything funny
This is screwed up my dogs
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Daenerys Burns Kings Landing but to the Benny Hill theme and 2x Speed - Game of Thrones
This last weekends episode of Game of Thrones was very intense. So to have fun with it, I had the Benny Hill theme song played while the action is happening at double the speed. I figured it was would be pretty funny to watch and I feel it is. Hopefully you will as well. In this episode Daenerys Targaryen completely loses her mind and destroys Kings Landing. It shocked many of her followers like Jon Snow, aka Aegon Targaryen, and Tyrion Lannister. Cersei Lannister, even though she doesn't care about any of the people being killed, was shocked by all the chaos that Daenerys had inflicted as well. All footage is taken from the HBO series, Game of Thrones and all the music comes from the Benny Hill theme song.
Views: 2246 The Pillsbury Jewboy
Funny Turkey Racing A Car. (Benny HIll- Yakety Sax)
This happened. Years ago so dont mind the quality. We were going upwards of 25mph at one point.
Views: 2049 A Shtut
6/8/14 (i dont own the video nor song)
Views: 2221 michael montalvo
Extended Benny Hill Theme Remix (Funny Song)
Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3l3pIRQf0M Dies ist nur ein Test ob dieses Video von der GEMA gesperrt wird oder nicht, für meinen Kanal bei dem ich dieses Lied im Hintergrund laufen lassen möchte :) Hoffe euch gefällt das Lied trotzdem! ;) EXTENDED Benny Hill Theme Remix
PUBG Benny Hill Pan Kill Chase Funny Moment
Bat a few bullets away with the pan then chase the guy around for ages until a happy ending.
Views: 138 ETHTIEPIE s Channel
Halloween chase scene: Benny Hill funny
Its Michaels favorite song!!! What? NO I DONT HAVE ANYTHING BETTER THEN WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER, STOP ASKING!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: Note: This video is blocked in these places, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom
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Benny Hill - Beach Hijinks
This is the ending to the lost special of Benny Hill Down Under. This skit cuts off before Benny says his good night & closing credits. Hope you enjoy this hard to find skit from April 12, 1978
Views: 669021 BHillarious101
Chicken Chase Mayhem - Benny Hill Theme [Very Funny]
Edit May 2015: [Merlin] Idol claimed the rights to the theme tune and subsequently had to remove it. These two go at this everyday. I finally decided to film it. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMfxSrmpc5M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hL-zgCFVaA I do not own the rights of "Yakety Yax"
Views: 17053 Luke Adams
Benny Hinn - Raw Anointing of the Spirit (1)
Good Friday Service | April 2, 2010 | Atlanta, GA http://www.bennyhinn.org | http://www.facebook.com/BringBackTheC... http://www.twitter.com/bringback_cross
Views: 3316243 BringBackTheCross
Donald Trump 2020 Election - Best Moments - Benny Hill
The funniest moments from Trump's 2016 campaign. I'm sure the 2020 campaign will be just as fun.
Views: 12824 Otis Anderson