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The Real Reason Why Garfield Isn't Funny...

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Text Comments (1753)
weaktech (17 hours ago)
i grew up WITH Garfield AND I found him, funny. Jolly Good Show, it was. hmm yeah.
Judith Catlett (1 day ago)
Davis did hit the mark, because I never found Garfield funny.
TheEmbessyNetwork (1 day ago)
Does anybody remember the Garfield And Friends cartoon featuring US Acres? I loved the egg who didn't fully hatch yet and was just legs stocking outta shell lol
Mick Obrien (1 day ago)
Davis says he's not political with Garfield... But I noticed the only people that like 'Garfield' are smarmy liberals with a crap sense of humor. Dorks, really. Garfield sucks.
Gingeabred Guy (3 days ago)
*y o u s a y what !!!*
Blake Hendrickson (3 days ago)
So what you’re saying is that Garfield is the original meme
Melvyn Gingell (3 days ago)
I think Garfield IS funny !
Joe S (4 days ago)
Good info but enough with the ads in the videos. I get having 1 but 3?? That plus YouTube's ads interrupting is really annoying.
Pauline Yuhas (6 days ago)
I hate Garfield. I always thought it was stupid and not funny. Give me Calvin and Hobbs or The Far Side any day.
Shawn Lecrone (6 days ago)
I bought 9 of his books last month and the Christmas and Halloween tvspecials are a tradition. 🤗
Winnifred Forbes (7 days ago)
Is it just me, or does Garfield somewhat resemble Jim Davis?
JoeMotion Videos 82 (8 days ago)
"Halloween is my middle name, Gar-halloween-field" Garfield and Family Circus are my go-to comics in the Sunday paper
Captain Firepower (9 days ago)
4:50 Not “male or female” (dafuq?) 4:56 “HE’S not going to...” -.- Oh for $&@! sake I hate society and especially politically correctness...
Cthulhu Has Risen (8 days ago)
I think he was concerned with making money, not sjw bullshit. It was 1981 so I don't think that was really a thing back then. I absolutely agree with you tho, fuck political correctness.
Captain Firepower (9 days ago)
So now I know for a fact that Garfield is shit.
ForgottenSouls666 (13 days ago)
It got me to read when I was younger lol... and he’s a ***king cat 🐱
Daniel (13 days ago)
As a child I loved Garfield. I literally spent hours reading the Garfield books that I had. Even the original cartoon was great Garfield and friends. It's the recent movies and TV shows that have not been funny.
Michael Anthony (14 days ago)
The Jim Davis' and Jay Leno's of the world are why we can't have nice things.
TFrills (16 days ago)
Garfield is definitely male.
Steely (17 days ago)
All I will say about Jim Davis's work is that, as a kid in the late 80's and early 90's, I had a lot of fun reading both Garfield and US Acres comics and, for that, I am grateful.
Lernos Rotosch (19 days ago)
"Garfield is not... male or female"? Yeah. Suuuuuuure.
F Huber (21 days ago)
But... Garfield is funny. So your whole video is a fail.
momkatmax (21 days ago)
A snarky feline? How novel.
royjonzejr (22 days ago)
I'm glad that there's a lot of people defending Garfield in the comments. As usual, the worst Garfield comics are cherry picked and used as proof that the strip isn't funny. Look, no one's denying that there's plenty of mediocre Garfield strips, but there's also plenty of funny ones, as well as surprisingly heartwarming ones that never get mentioned (think about the story arc where Garfield reunites with his mother, the arc where Garfield gets lost and Jon tries looking for him, etc.).
hyenacub (22 days ago)
Except Garfield is obviously male, lol. And rhere's Halloween and New Year's and stuff.
Jonathan Rocker (24 days ago)
I always enjoyed Garfield and it's humor. Maybe it was the dry and sarcastic humor, but whatever it was, I liked it
lotsofsparks32 (25 days ago)
I kept on getting our Garfield with the suction cups to moon everyone through the front glass door and my mum was too polite to say anything but kept fixing it.
saunz departier (1 month ago)
stuffing your face as usual
kate baxter (1 month ago)
This video has given me a real distaste for Davis.
Francisco Burgos (1 month ago)
Well Mighty Mouse was a mouse, speedy Gonzalez was a rat, goofy was,.... wait, what was goofy? Snoopy a dog. Tom, jerry, Felix, bugs, porky, You’re right. No bugs.
Tamsen Miller-Baum (1 month ago)
Garfield and Odie make regular appearances at Silverwood theme park in northern Idaho.
ari3lz3pp3lin (1 month ago)
I loved Garfield as a kid. It was one of my favorite comics to read, I had some comic books of Garfield, and a Garfield movie (in the early 90s). I could jive with how Garfield was so grumpy all the time. I'm actually way less grumpy now than I was as a kid. lol
hhhhhheyyyyyyyyyyy (1 month ago)
I totally want an autobiography by Jim Davis. Why hasn't he written one yet?
hhhhhheyyyyyyyyyyy (1 month ago)
Woah damn i never gave much thought into garfield but now the creator is gonna be one of my role models. It's so astonishing how he thought of the ideas to make garfield to be as universal as possible. Not having seasons or holidays in a comic seems doubtful to be successful but how he went on with it is eye opening
hhhhhheyyyyyyyyyyy (1 month ago)
Huh come to think of it Calvin and Hobbes is also more relatable than funny
Felix (1 month ago)
Garfield pizza makes so much more sense now
EyeHeartShantel (1 month ago)
This dude was a good business man.
Prince Of Opinion (1 month ago)
4:51 Cats can’t be male or female. You learn something new everyday huh 🤨
royjonzejr (22 days ago)
Nermal is supposed to be male, but I just can't see him that way. I think it would just be too politically incorrect for Garfield to beat up Nermal and throw him through windows if he were a girl.
Devanye Hansen (1 month ago)
Yeah, that was poorly worded. I think he meant they aren't held to the same gender roles that humans are.
Lochricolife (1 month ago)
I’m more of a Heithcliff guy myself
Rockin BoBokkin (1 month ago)
How many damn channels this dude on? He must be reading script 10 hours a day. Clearly working for a company that mass produces content. Is this really what YT is about?
StayNoided (1 month ago)
what the fuck
Danny O’Flanagan (1 month ago)
Audible is actually very good
Mary Uytterhaegen (1 month ago)
Y'all play Garfield game on genesis? Hard as hell! Why they make a game kids would like soo damn aggrivating was beyond me
Mr Moth (1 month ago)
But Garfield is a male.
John Lawlor (1 month ago)
A fruit fly with two weeks to live... i love it :)
Huskypilot 630 (1 month ago)
Audible..audible....audible..... audible..audible...audible. Sellout, unsubbing
GoldenBrew3 (1 month ago)
@Today I Found Out - You're just not a corny person. Some people don't laugh at Family Guy because they don't like Satire. Some people don't laugh at etc. etc. etc. Edit: late nineties early 2000's of The Simpsons are a great example of Satire. Live action Satire can be found in The Colbert Report featuring Stephan Colbert Edit 2: 14:35 adult joke equivalent of "dude look at my hands"
rideswithscissors (1 month ago)
I never cared for Garfield I loved Pogo!
Roland Gunslinger (1 month ago)
Jim Davis being the most succesful Comic Book creator is very likely.  I would argue that Eiichiro Oda of the One Piece Manga is definitely up there also.  A story that has had weekly installments for over 20 years now.
Roland Gunslinger (1 month ago)
Watching this got me thinking of Spaceballs.  Merchandising, merchandising!  Where the real money from the movie is made.
Michael Schlimmer (1 month ago)
You're starting to advertise way too much. Its getting obnoxious.
Michael Kane (1 month ago)
It's funny 'coz he's fat. : CHOW
modolief (1 month ago)
Garfield = drek
Mitchael Hollingsworth (2 months ago)
i read garfield, peanuts, calvin and hobbes, and pearls before swine as a kid, i enjoyed them all, as an adult i find myself returning to calvin and hobbes and peanuts more because of the heart, it isn't just 100% snark
April Kurtz (2 months ago)
I've heard about this before. Davis is a cynical twat. I hate Garfield, always thought it was lame, the lasagna thing was never funny, Odie was never funny....and they weren't meant to be. It was always just a moneymaking scheme.
Nawder TTabey (2 months ago)
I happen to think Garfield is funny, bc it's relatable
Chris Jason (2 months ago)
Not male?? **jumps outta the 4th story window**
Professor Coldheart (2 months ago)
Garfield isn't funny because the internet lost it's sense of humor. Offence is the mother of all comedy, if you cannot offend or be offended, then your ability to laugh and connect with others will always be limited to the surface with no depth.
Blake Harvard (2 months ago)
Nice Jim Davis
Robert Charleson (2 months ago)
I’ve always found it funny...
Dustin Provost (2 months ago)
More power to Davis. He's honest about his intentions.
Saroyan Dynamite (2 months ago)
My siblings and I loved Garfield. We ended up renting every single Garfield Garfield cartoon from Hollywood Video
Ian Snyder (2 months ago)
Jim Davis has never received a penny from me, but his genius in creating a low-effort property that the general public likes is second to only that of Gary Dahl, inventor of the pet rock.
Johnny Shields (2 months ago)
Garfield is a perfect example of lazy, corporate, worthless crap, not art.
Seiyuōkami Himura (2 months ago)
Mmmmn. Yeah. No. I'll just read a regular book like a normal person.
Bekah Sp (2 months ago)
the comics stopped being good after the 90s.
Hossain shovon (2 months ago)
I still love Garfield, it was truly the cartoon character i saw myself in. i love food,im lazy, kinda fat
Chris Williamson (2 months ago)
I am a Garfield freak! He's my favorite cartoon character! 😄
Morten Bakke (2 months ago)
Poor you.
Dialask Isel (2 months ago)
So... In a way, Davis IS Garfield. Somewhat selfish and lazy, but in a lovable and relatable way. He's not going to make your life miserable, but he may smile to himself from time to time when he nabs your lasagna.
Superpope69 (2 months ago)
He loves mondays because of how the newspaper cycle works 😂🤣
Sarxyz (2 months ago)
They ruined it, I used to watch the movies every so often and still get a laugh out of it.
hosersupreme (2 months ago)
I definitely enjoy Garfield and, for the record, Jim Davis is estimated to be worth $800 million. That's right, he's nearly a billionaire
plumreid (2 months ago)
Today I found out the British pronunciation of "behemoth".
Gravity's Ghetto Mods. (2 months ago)
While this was informative, I feel the need to downvote for saying Garfield isn't funny. You'd figure if anyone, a British dude would find dry, deadpan, humor funny.
Kiki Lang (2 months ago)
Well people love Garfield. I can't remember a single strip, which I assume is the point. Bill Waterson's Calvin and Hobbes might have been the best strip in the past fifty years, but the guys was wack.
baba yaga (2 months ago)
fun fact. jim davis is from the same hometown as james dean
Aubergine Bellen (2 months ago)
"Why Garfield isn't funny..." tl;dr Old people don't actually like humor. They're the ones watching _The Big Bang Theory._
Morten Bakke (2 months ago)
The problem with Garfield is that iif you compare it with anything else it is kinda the most unfunny, effortless, copy/pasted cartoon ever made. Even the most funny strips are just decent at best. Almost every comic strip you find when just searching "cartoon" in google would be better. Though I know humor in particular is not right or wrong. Or mine humor is better than yours. It's just that Garfield is slapstick cheap and lazy humor. And some people love that. I can respect that. But it can never be considered quality.
Hijynks (2 months ago)
When I was growing up my parents had several Garfield books full of the old newspaper strips laying around the house, and I used to *love* reading them every night. I found them hilarious. Still do today.
Chrono Trigger (2 months ago)
garfield isn't a male or female? umm his name is garfield lol
Casualverse (2 months ago)
*#relatable** before there was even a hashtag*
Harrison Fross (2 months ago)
I mean . . . Isn't selling out that what all artists dream to do? :P
kristpuncher (2 months ago)
Eat shit you dumb bald fuck
George (2 months ago)
Garfield is dying of starvation and everything in the strip is Garfield's life flashing before his eyes.
Jason Mimiaga (2 months ago)
Garfield is fucking HILARIOUS.
StripeyStripes (2 months ago)
I honestly don't know why ppl still debate whether Calvin and Hobbes or Garfield is better. I mean, the answer is obvious, Calvin and Hobbes. Garfield may be funny, but it wasn't really meant to be a good comic. Jim Davis said it himself that he made Garfield solely to sell Merchandise. Bill Watterson on the other hand, did so much to preserve his comic and keep it the way it was, and he did a good job. Honestly, idk why I ever liked Garfield
perakole (2 months ago)
Can this man be more sexy?
perakole (2 months ago)
+Lofty No, Simon.
Lofty (2 months ago)
The Garfield creator?
100domathon (2 months ago)
The Garfield Animated series and the TV specials are very funny! Some people dont think its funny and then lots of people like me enjoy it. But opinions are not facts
Paul Estevanez (2 months ago)
garfield was the first cat i ever copied trying to learn to draw. i also stole a bunch of garfield from our school library to read while in the loo. lol
Thomas Sommerfeld (2 months ago)
By due respect of you opinion. I love Garfield and find him often very funny ^^
J-TAR (2 months ago)
If there's any Savjz fans watching, I suggest you pay close attention to the background music.
James Cook (2 months ago)
I enjoy Garfield. I recall at the height of his popularity a local department store had an entire Garfield section with every concievable item. BTW Garfield is a male
Sarah Nyb (2 months ago)
Maybe, but accurate
Star Crasher (2 months ago)
Davis DOES include seasons. I've seen a lot of snow and Autumn leaves.
Star Crasher (8 days ago)
+Cthulhu Has Risen Not saying it was bad. I'm just saying that Davis might not be to blame it violating his policy against seasonal themes. However, the #1 policy is marketability, and the occasionally seasonal stuff is good for profit.
Cthulhu Has Risen (8 days ago)
+Star Crasher I loved the Halloween special actually 😂
Star Crasher (8 days ago)
+Cthulhu Has Risen I don't think I'd hold the animated stuff against him so much, because the original artist usually loses some creative control when their work is adapted for another format. That's one reason Sailor Moon is being remade; Naoko Takeuchi was unhappy with the changes that the original anime made to the manga.
Cthulhu Has Risen (8 days ago)
I've seen seasonal stuff too. Halloween tv special. Maybe these quotes are really old.
Peter Jansen (2 months ago)
Today I Found Out is a bit wrong, a Dutch comic (Jan Jans en de Kinderen) which came out earlier (since 1970) featured a cat prominently.
fanOmry (2 months ago)
Yes.. he is. That Cat form person is very funny. People just *think* they're too sophisticated.. Too Mature. *Too Cool.*
TwiTchy WiTch (2 months ago)
Since you brought it up... I really don't know where the idea that cats are lazy comes from. I'm a cat colony caretaker. I fully care for 25 thrown away cats in my community. I'm very familiar with their behavior. They sleep with one eye open and are rarely ever sitting still. I could make several warm coats a yr with the amount of dead animals they constantly leave on my doorstep (as gifts, they think I can't hunt for myself apparently! Although I often wish they'd leave me wildflowers. ) anyways, they are the least lazy animals I've ever witnessed. Cows, now cow's are lazy! LoL
Shaun Kennedy (2 months ago)
It was more advice not criticism
Reginald Scot (2 months ago)
And now I know why I never liked it... for people who enjoy Calvin and Hobbs, Garfield is simply beneath us...
splo1nger (2 months ago)
Garfield sucks balls
Designs Billy (2 months ago)
As I found out when you create a comic strip you also have to be a writer I created my own comic strip but I'm not a writer. I got it in a small town newspaper promise no one got the jokes hey I thought it was funny no one else did William s.
Dusty Long (2 months ago)
Garfield is male, even Davis calls Garfield "he" 😉
Emelie Winberg (2 months ago)
+Dusty Long I'm swedish myself, but I read books and go on the internet sometimes, plus we learn english in school. "It" is usually used to describe non-sentient objects. I guess some people might use it to describe it to describe pets but some might find it weird, it's kind of contradictory to giving them names? The gender neutral pronoun you would and should use in english is "They", but a lot of people don't. "He or she" is used a lot, and some people will just say "he" instead. I personally disagree with those people since I think that "they" is the correct term, but regardless of my personal opinion of the use of the word, it's still widely used to refer to people whose gender is unknown or genderless objects. An example would be C3PO from Star Wars, who is referred to as "he", despite as a robot being incapable of having a gender. Common web dictionary Marriam Webster defines "He" as "that male one who is neither speaker nor hearer", but also as "used in a generic sense or when the sex of the person is unspecified", with "one should do the best he can" as an example. (With "one" being a genderless general term here") Wiktionary describes that "He was traditionally used as both a masculine and a gender-neutral pronoun, but since the mid 20th century generic usage has sometimes been considered sexist and limiting. It is deprecated by some style guides, such as Wadsworth. In place of generic he, writers and speakers may use he or she, alternate he and she as the indefinite person, use the singular they, or rephrase sentences to use plural they."
Dusty Long (2 months ago)
I have learned that if you don't know the gender, then say "it". But English is not my language, I'm Dutch, so...😉
Emelie Winberg (2 months ago)
+Dusty Long You said that he was male because he's referred to as he, even though several inherently genderless objects are referred to using gendered pronouns. "He" is also often used to refer to people whose gender aren't known by a lot of people. Notably, a lot of people ascribe gender to household pets specifically without actually knowing what it is. A good comparison would be a robot/android character: they are usually referred to with gendered pronouns even if they are genderless. Stating that something must be male because it's being referred to by a masculine pronoun is factually incorrect, which becomes silly when the same logic is applied to different circumstances. My example was intentionally vulgar to really highlight how silly that assumption can be. Or maybe you understood what I said and you're arguing that not all men have penises just like not all women have vaginas, in which case kudos to you :P (Also if we're going that route, many non-men use male pronouns for various reasons, such as because they're closeted trans people, because they're not comfortable with a gender expression that aligns with their gender, or just because they prefer them.) All that said, if you want to headcanon him as male then sure :P The creator has said that he doesn't have a gender but I don't think that the author's personal opinion on the their work holds any sway over their work compared to other peoples' opinions: what's important is what is actually shown in the work, and I don't believe the actual comics state that Garfield is genderless.
Dusty Long (2 months ago)
Uhm... did I say that Garfield had a penis?
Emelie Winberg (2 months ago)
So boats are "she"s, I guess they must have uteruses? 🤔🤔🤔

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