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MAGIC! - Rude (Acoustic) Bondi Beach

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During MAGIC!'s visit to Sydney, Australia they took a visit to Bondi Beach to enjoy the sun and play Rude! 'Don't Kill The Magic' from MAGIC! will be available July 1st, 2014. Preview & pre-order the album now! http://smarturl.it/DKTMiTunes?IQid=yt FOLLOW US! http://www.ournameismagic.com https://www.facebook.com/ournameisMAGIC https://www.twitter.com/ournameisMAGIC https://www.instagram.com/ournameisMAGIC Lead Vocals - Nasri Guitar - Mark Pelli Drums - Alex Tanas Bass - Ben Spivak SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube page! (C) Latium Entertainment/Sony Music International 2014
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Text Comments (3531)
Mazapán Asmr (23 hours ago)
I love this version 😍🙌
Luis Amoedo (2 days ago)
Top! Aqui é Brasil!!
Maria Diaz (2 days ago)
Guapos chicos y su musica buena.....
Algum Br??
Yurley Salcedo (4 days ago)
Adm adm (6 days ago)
Essa música lembro de um amigão que amo muito. 😍 Alessandro 😉
Laisa Mendes (9 days ago)
Zackbro29 (11 days ago)
It just got recommended to me but it’s 5 years too late tho.
Mira Solar (11 days ago)
at least 'You should minimaiize the sound in background^^
Adm adm (16 days ago)
Eu gosto dessa música é divertida.
fortnite isnt good (18 days ago)
why is ice Poseidon playing guitar
Javier Rimoldi (18 days ago)
this is where jacksfilms asked people about avatar
F34R 10DEEZ (18 days ago)
I used to love this song
Spencer Barriss (19 days ago)
2019? Why is this my recommended😂
sydney man (20 days ago)
mikz Ramos (20 days ago)
One hit.wonder
Jesse Collins (21 days ago)
Wow his vocals sound really good.
Jesse Collins (21 days ago)
I’m going to start a band called The Gathering and we’re going to tour. I need to learn an instrument first, it’ll be worth.
Carson Chambers (22 days ago)
1 hit wonder
Donald Trump (22 days ago)
May 2019?
cnote (22 days ago)
wish i was walking by and get a picture and autographs.
Pablo ** (22 days ago)
Like si se metieron porque creyeron k el fondo era mazatlan xdxd
Fernando Le Bersoi (22 days ago)
That bitch ruin the secod part of the fucking song
Johannes Taliu (23 days ago)
Trust youtube in 2019, to be like “here have this”
Fuze (23 days ago)
This song is 5 years old? Wtf?... and y is this in my recommended now?
Rovic Suelan (23 days ago)
that bass is killing me🔥
Ambiguous s (23 days ago)
Not even mad this was randomly suggested lol
LunaMan PH (23 days ago)
avocados? banana? (23 days ago)
recomend this to.. i dont regret it cause this is my childhood favorite song..😍
Tom White (20 days ago)
It’s 5 years old, how quickly do you age?!
Dj Stover (24 days ago)
Francis Scott Key (24 days ago)
Dumb Thot ruined the song
Mariana Correia (24 days ago)
david kek (24 days ago)
recommended in 2019 sugoi
Sleepy Dog (24 days ago)
3:59 30 fps could not handle this boi's sick moves
Paolo Medina (23 days ago)
Inflake (24 days ago)
yes recommend me a 5 year old video
mervi vera (25 days ago)
Zhawin Lagman (25 days ago)
Ok.. Thankyou youtube.
Audissey Bardelas (25 days ago)
Godd bassist man 👌👌
Kenneth Ross (25 days ago)
That's not a real band and that's not a real Bass player in magic he doesn't even know his place in the band they was fake and off time the song was awful stay off YouTube
Baika Dajel (25 days ago)
(: can't stop smiling
Niggas fell off
Slime World (26 days ago)
I love you song
Life of Luke (26 days ago)
Is this in anyone else’s recommend 2019?
The19angie90 (1 day ago)
How do you know
Sagar Rai (21 days ago)
Andrew Conover (22 days ago)
Laurenz Manger (23 days ago)
Jak (26 days ago)
Why is this irrelevant ass band in my recommend
DokDo ! (26 days ago)
Juliana Costa Militão (26 days ago)
Nicholas Hetherington (26 days ago)
Oi, swim between the red and yellow flags mate
JXN (18 days ago)
Maxi keerbox
Nicholas Hetherington (24 days ago)
JXN yes!
JXN (24 days ago)
Nicholas Hetherington bondi lifeguards 😂 Bondi rescue
green life (27 days ago)
look it's 2019 and i have a question:can you please give me a like?😀😅😅
Rukuvozo Shijoh (27 days ago)
2:42 that girl almost ruin the freakening song!!!.. just kidding!!!😂😂my bad..
Gary Haddad (4 days ago)
Wiskey dicl
ANIME XTREME LOVER (25 days ago)
Nope your right,that bitch really ruined that part
BD (25 days ago)
Jireh Tekii (25 days ago)
Rukuvozo Shijoh 😂😂😂
buchanananananan (28 days ago)
YouTube really recommended this to me rn
Daddy Jonathon (22 days ago)
5 years later lmao and I never even watched the regular version
Shawn Milner (26 days ago)
buchanananananan same here
Ghofran Dinar (29 days ago)
He looks like Ross from friends
karl pogi (29 days ago)
This is my favv song since birth
puppy fresh (29 days ago)
Adam driver is a really good singer
Dagge Hagge (1 month ago)
5 years ago??? Daaamn im old
Evan Pysher (23 days ago)
No you're not
Comment Nigga (24 days ago)
if you think 5 years ago is a long time ago you’re probably not that old
Baika Dajel (25 days ago)
What the fuck
Danny P (1 month ago)
Way to ruin a video
Timothy SnyderParkour (1 month ago)
RIP cajon player.
louiden boniog (1 month ago)
2019 ??
RedGanerd (1 month ago)
no sabia que Ricardo Arjona tocaba el bajo.
Lil Canela (1 month ago)
Ana Brasil (1 month ago)
Eu amo tanto ❤️❤️🇧🇷
James Casey (1 month ago)
James Casey (1 month ago)
Anu Freitas (1 month ago)
You sound trash lmao
Daniel Craft123 (1 month ago)
No u sound like trash
J&Y 24 (1 month ago)
Cajón peruano :'o
Thamires Pineda (1 month ago)
Muito bom!! 👏😍
Rishi Sachar (1 month ago)
Awesome👍✨ Wish I could play this one with you all..👇👇 https://youtu.be/9qWSLfsJjyM
Neto Silva (1 month ago)
Brasil aqui crlh !!!
jacob smith (1 month ago)
anybody search this song lyrics,the google one
meanwhile in the Philippines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdB8SjjtGN0
CAJÓN PERUANO 😍.... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Toji Picato (1 month ago)
2k19 😍😍😍
Croucer Lolly (1 month ago)
Philgob (1 month ago)
the vibes from this video are sooooo good... the sun, the beach, this great song.. everyone looks happy
ZedSP -Spitfire (1 month ago)
Why was this recommended only to me?
Jonathan Perks (1 month ago)
Is there a guitar tab thing or this specific version of the song, I like the sounds better in this version
Frenky Obok (1 month ago)
Nanorine (1 month ago)
I was the hot girl in the video.
shatila melvin (14 days ago)
Yeah!talk to your mom!
Sean McCaughey (1 month ago)
Nice raw talent
Cadence Oropher (1 month ago)
Fat Aussie ruined the video
Netten Chamnan (1 month ago)
I was like wow he sounds like the real deal then I realized he actually was
Netten Chamnan (1 month ago)
+Ac Man I actually didn't read the title I just clicked on it
Ac Man (1 month ago)
It says that its them in the title though
maximilianmus (1 month ago)
That girl ruined it
DFoXs Br (1 month ago)
2019 and *no still no*
AlwaysRetr0 (1 month ago)
Shite to be honest, and the singer still has a label on his hat.
Minard Lin (1 month ago)
Here 5 years later , still want that shirt.
Elias Garcia (1 month ago)
xCaptainJoex (1 month ago)
They played this song on every station, every five minutes for half a year straight. They ruined it for everyone where I live I forgot how nice of a song it is
Idi Haps (1 month ago)
Pretty damn good performance..even just with unplugged sh*t. Its not the instrument. Its their persona
Leciel gamer (1 month ago)
Why is this in me recommended
So now...does he got married in the end?
Oreily Autopart (1 month ago)
Years later that girl gained 60 pounds and got a divorce
Aidan Badillo (20 days ago)
+Rashed Mahmud Olive I hope you're joking
Rashed Mahmud Olive (1 month ago)
How did you know?
FiRe Twist (1 month ago)
1:20 chicken
Badch (1 month ago)
Vlw YouTube por recomendar isso, 5 anos depois valeu a pena 👍
Christopher Anza (1 month ago)
Qué buenos gallasos karnal
izanagi Mikoto (1 month ago)
Yeah watching 2019
Jovan Manojlović (1 month ago)
Should of done this in Bankstown lol
Yusuf Ahmed (1 month ago)
His voice is so amazing 😍
Állen Jonny (1 month ago)
Iago Côsso (1 month ago)
Onur Y (1 month ago)
You guys are amazing!

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