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Text Comments (510)
Cookie P (4 days ago)
Trying to eat like card.ib
Cookie P (4 days ago)
Pull your pants up blue face that gay activity.
Cookie P (4 days ago)
That outfit is very old fashion with high moral lol card.ib
Diana Badiei (5 days ago)
thank you for posting this! I LOVE CARDI B!!!!
Anissa C Menchaca (5 days ago)
I freaken love you guys! I even got my man watching w me.. he loves when beau n benny act a fool together......
xo Lux (6 days ago)
Hahah 18:31 😂😂
Brittany Hernandez (6 days ago)
I’m new to this channel I did those three thinks !!!
Salvador Sanchez (7 days ago)
It's hella decent 👌 when watching it from both perspectives from Benny's side of things and your guy's
Melanie Garcia (8 days ago)
Benny only woke up for the food😂😂😂😂
Jinlena Chhum (8 days ago)
I love watching you guys! 💙❤️💛💚💙❤️
Just want to say Maria looks very classy with dark hair...
FreeTheeNine 69 (8 days ago)
Just subscribed I watch Benny all the time me and the fam just had to subscribe in show his fam some love keep up the koo vlogs
Indiiaa Loveee (9 days ago)
First time watching you are so pretty girl😍😍and I’m loving all ya vibes 💖👌BTW You guys did so good recording the performances
Lady Lopez (9 days ago)
Girl u always look bomb AF!!! Anything looks good on you 😍 Your ass fits your body to. I LOVE IT!!! Unlike other girls lol 💁😘😘😘
lizabeth Cruz (9 days ago)
I love you guys sooo much Most Humble couple admire on social media
Mercadez Rodriguez (9 days ago)
Wtf is this shit
Crystal Maria (9 days ago)
Can't even lie Cardi's energy is on 1000000 🔥🔥🔥🔥😤
Valerie Encinas (10 days ago)
The girl behind you when you were in line was hella hating on you!!
Bisker 86 (10 days ago)
Candy got a big.0 beer belly, and Nestor the molester needs a need word besides callate 😂😂
Stephanie G (10 days ago)
Yg always gets down
Sydney Fernandez (10 days ago)
Are both outfits from fashion nova (the green dress and black sporty romper)? You look so amazing!
Party of Four (10 days ago)
You guys are so much fun to watch ! The last part tho 😂
Pixxiee Lovee (10 days ago)
Benny Always Makes Videos More Funny 😂
Richard Eduardo (10 days ago)
That stupid blueface should put his pants up so he can dance better
Junior Mendoza (11 days ago)
The guy in the man bun look stupid af . Trying too much to be in the video
Jayda Barboza (11 days ago)
Tania Flores (11 days ago)
the girl in the back at 4:06 lol she mugging the shit out of maria fucken hater but i love u boo
Mommy092012 Padilla (11 days ago)
Benny's needs a girl
Athena rose Herrera (11 days ago)
I want her body what’s your work out and eating routine?
Elizabeth Ortega (11 days ago)
Shelsy valentina (11 days ago)
Love your new hair color 😍😍😍 you are gorgeous!!! God bless ❤️❤️❤️
Lerynne West (11 days ago)
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Patricia Ortiz (11 days ago)
I freakin love yall 😍💜💋😘💕 #TEAMUSALWAYS
Brianna Cortez (11 days ago)
Fave YouTubers 🥵
Iesha Simpson (11 days ago)
You guys should make a intro with benny names Us Sometimes so whenever he is in town!
nancy g (11 days ago)
How did u guys get invited? Someone give me the 411 lol
Blanca Medina (12 days ago)
Why do people say body goals its all just palstic surgery maria has not hating just saying
Joooleeahh (12 days ago)
i like how they just did their thing when it was "empty" todos los demas looked bored.
Yazania Martinez (12 days ago)
Lmao his face
Vs.8 (12 days ago)
Starting to get over the fashionnova content I feel everyone is starting to look exactly the same from the body to the clothes
Marysa G (12 days ago)
San Pedro’s the spot 🤤
Amber Jimenez (12 days ago)
Love seeing you guys together you guys make your vlogs so interesting haha
M J L 5 0 5 (12 days ago)
iveliz hernandez (12 days ago)
Maria looks so bomb omg 😍🤩 sis is SNATCHED. and cardi? 🤩 sheesh bad bitches everywhere !
Garza Family (12 days ago)
Well ya I know that but she should just go back to that if that’s the way she going always present her self to the world. Just saying she has a lil girl now like really time to grow up fuck at least a lil
Biglo 48 (12 days ago)
man I feel like cardi b pussy stank
Steph Garcia (12 days ago)
If u guys like crab u need to try claw daddy’s in town on Taft hwy 🦀 😋
jennifer lara (12 days ago)
Benny is me. The ONE single person of the group 😐😂
Jarret (12 days ago)
Mija with the attitude in the back at 4:02 lmao
Carla Hernandez (12 days ago)
Redondo is delicious!!! I love going there
Aly WatermelonFeen (12 days ago)
Is Benny Maria’s brother?
Velvet Robles (12 days ago)
Maria looks a china nail tech all boujee
Velvet Robles (12 days ago)
Velvet Robles (12 days ago)
Thanks for this vlog ...for making others feel like we are there personally
Velvet Robles (12 days ago)
Loved seeing you guys all have fun !!!
Velvet Robles (12 days ago)
Maria gave me mob wife vibes in this green dress and hoops
Velvet Robles (12 days ago)
Omg this hair color and this new body Maria Killing this mom game and this intro is so cute
J Heart Family (12 days ago)
Dang beau just needs to quit his job already!!! LOL!!! Talkin bout i gotta go to work tomorrow!!!
Smiley Narciso (12 days ago)
Omg I'm so sad you guys were near where I live 😭😭❤
Amparo Diaz (12 days ago)
My favorite family ❤️
Norma Estrada (13 days ago)
I was born in San pedro and would go there all the time there was a restaurant before that was soooooo good but they took it down and put something else 😭
Danny Boy (13 days ago)
What move or dance is that. In the beginning lol
Mari G (13 days ago)
New subscriber 🙋🏼‍♀️ Just love you, your family, & your loving husband who is clearly your hype man lol!
Pro Gamer1 (13 days ago)
Iohone 8 ? Time to uograde tgat shit💀
Clarisse Ramirez (13 days ago)
Damn I need a night like tht for sure!
Clarisse Ramirez (13 days ago)
Do you ever do make up for Weddings?
joanna Jade (13 days ago)
Benny ❤❤❤
Erika Roman (13 days ago)
Yareeeli Y Ortizz (13 days ago)
Y’all see how in the back while Maria showing her bag Benny was struggleing alittle 😂
Noemi (13 days ago)
Mariaaaaaaaa I love the New! Intro!!!😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕Bless your Familia💕💕💕💕
Krystal Banuelos (13 days ago)
Yes I fkn love cardi b!! Her performance was bomb. Maria I love Yur neon Yur body looks bomb I’m so jelly lol Yu matched with cardi b lol
Lexxus Gonzalez (13 days ago)
Thats khia lopez :) she is a young girl.
Meliney Martinez (13 days ago)
I saw you at the mall here in Bakersfield yesterday but i was hella shy to go up to you 😭😩 now i regret it 💔
elena xo818 (13 days ago)
5:03 what’s the name of that song??
Elizabeth Navarro (13 days ago)
I swear y’all give me life!!!
Ashley (13 days ago)
Giv us an update on ur hair extensions, the maintenance and how u like them.
Tamyra Bennett (13 days ago)
Karina Cisneros (13 days ago)
I freakin love the black jump suit 😁
Ashley Rod (13 days ago)
ok but let me js Maria is looking so bombbbbb 😍🔥🔥
Yasmine Carrillo (13 days ago)
I really hate how the crowd wasn’t even that lit... like are y’all dumb??? I would be screaming and singing along😩😩😩 I really can’t stand the boogie ass “influencers”
Live Yo Life (13 days ago)
7:01 Who else thought for a second that was ozuna at first 😂😂😂
Mlucee96 Aguilar (13 days ago)
You guys are so fun lol 😝
Andy Garcia (13 days ago)
Maria gots a big o butt man bo u lucky Seen bos face all in the butt on Bennys blog
Diamond Figueroa (13 days ago)
All y’all so fine 😍 🔥
Stephanie Gutierrez (13 days ago)
Damm Maria That Booty 😍😍💛
irene patino (13 days ago)
Benny getting it, if you hear too short and don’t get buck wild we can’t be friends
Janeth Maquintoch (13 days ago)
I would not resist and would pull up blue face pants up. And that one dude wearing the exact work vest I have lol (btw Maria you look so good! Loving the hair)
Jocelyne Ortega (13 days ago)
Maria loves soooooo good😍
Leslie Gomez (13 days ago)
Your saying San Pedro wrong , Your pronuncing it wrong ...::I work down the street from there lol & btw you are 🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏
Dory Lynn G (13 days ago)
So when I saw the girls do the walk. I literally thought of POWER PUFF GIRLS! I guess I was the only one. 😘😛🤩
Destiny’s Sanchez (13 days ago)
R C (13 days ago)
Ewww cardib😐 love yall tho 💕
Mz. H* Town (13 days ago)
Hello I subscribed
Kiki MouieLove (13 days ago)
Sorry I like the blond tho. Still beautiful 💕 maybe because I’m used to the blond
Diana Silva (13 days ago)
I live 10 min away from Pedro!!!! 😭 i always go to that fish market spot and even have family that work there! ❤️😭 I could've meet you guys 🙏🏻 I know one day though I'll get lucky!
La Guisela (13 days ago)
Her shoes came off it’s seriously LIT
Fernando Briseno (13 days ago)
Post Notifications Always On!! Love you guys so much!! Keep the good work up!🥰
Jessica P (13 days ago)
The hair!! 🙌🏼 I wasn’t a fan at first but now I love it.
Jasss xxx (13 days ago)
Maria you’re soo pretty!!!
Erica &AleAlways (13 days ago)
That girl on 4:05 pinche ardida asf 🤣💯 girl you hella mad cute thick, y’all look cute asf ima goo stalk y’all channel found myself some new entertainment👀☺️
Melissa Chavez (13 days ago)

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