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Reason 2 Die Awakening Funny Moments: MS Antarees Campaign

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Btw, this is my first "R2DA Funny Moments" video that I have made. No intro, sorry ;-; Very sorry that I haven't uploaded for a very long time. Also, this video was highly inspired by ImPanda and Blazing Skyez. Anyways, here is the list of music that I had used in this video: Spongebob - Tomfoolery (Tomfoolery - David Snell) Titanic - My Heart Will Go On (Emotional Titanic Flute) Drax - Happy Happy Christmas (Stole from "R2DA Funny Moments - Magic School Bus, Out In Space") Smash Mouth - All Star Sad Violin Action Hero - Jingle Punks (Again, Stole from "R2DA Funny Moments - Magic School Bus, Out In Space") Kevin Macleod - Monkeys Spinning Monkeys (i guess...) Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim - Official Trailer That's all for now.
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koolness (7 days ago)
what editor do you use
I use Sony Vegas Pro 15.0
Robot Luigi (1 year ago)
EE April Fools = Roblox Death Sound when you die!
Project Fire Blaster (1 year ago)
mr red ninja what ever happened to bumper boats do you know it was my favorite roblox game i would play it every day but now its gone do you know what happened to it?
I think it got deleted, I'm not sure. But whatever the case is, I'm sure it's unfortunately gone. ;-;
Starshowed Nightdown (1 year ago)
Also, this is the most memest video i have ever seen bro. + earrape, Rip meh headsets. :(
Starshowed Nightdown (1 year ago)
BOIIIIIIIII ITSA MEEEEE DENISSS!!!!! and i dont know what im watching. xD Edit: So uhh... Is this Jailbreak in a nutshell?
This ain't Jailbreak in a nutshell :P

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