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Raquelle Doll Review Barbie Luxe Style Glam Fashion by Mattel

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Finally! I now have Raquelle...she's the newest addition to the Luxe Style Glam Barbie doll line by MattelI have been waiting for this doll to hit stores! I found her at Target earlier this evening! She's absolutely gorgeous!
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Heyllo_ Yt (1 year ago)
Raquel look like a biker ar a gangster lol🤣🤣😁😀😄😘😍😘😆😏😙
Thea - (2 years ago)
She is on my way now! I am so excited. She's perfect!
Juliana Souza Pereira (2 years ago)
A que legal não tem a tradução parabens
Rovmel Trinidad (2 years ago)
its out of stock in lazada philippines, i had a hard time to find racquels barbie for almost a year already, huhuhuhuhu
Nicki Minaj (2 years ago)
omg Best video ever good job jay really awesome deserved 1000000,000000,0000000 subscribers
Michel Kouwenhoven (3 years ago)
i love the dude with dolls
Rocky Llu (3 years ago)
omg that Fashion raquelle doll is so gorgeous *-* i love her soooo much i want that Outfit !!! and i Show all my friends about that raquelle doll if i look like her xD and all of my friends are saying yes :D i am super excited thank you for sharing
PyramidXSlender (4 years ago)
I want to buy a Barbie with a jacket, she strongly reminds me of Emma from OUaT. There's no Raquelle in my online store((
Evolution Dolls (4 years ago)
She is perfect for my Show Midge as Queen of Hearts Barbie as Cruela De Vil Grace as Ursella Raquelle as Maleficent
Raquel AN (4 years ago)
I hope this guy is gay or else it would be creepy with him being a straight guy because they will use it in a perverted way but if he is gay he probably generally like barbie dolls.
Raquel AN (2 years ago)
яαιивσω ღ I comment on this a long time ago but now I see a guy would get this doll as a figure like an outku could get the doll as a Wifu I guess I was kind of shock freaked out at first.
Raquel AN (4 years ago)
@Jason Robert Keef I try not to judge if I do I would like to fix that about myself.
Jay Squared (4 years ago)
I wouldn't say you need to be better educated but a little more open minded...I actually know a few straight guys that collect MH dolls...because they love monsters and they are pretty cool.  I know girls that love monster trucks and action figures....they aren't lesbians.  Just don't make an assumption next time :) No worries...I'm not hurt at all. 
Jay Squared (4 years ago)
I don't think it would be weird either way.  People like what they like.  Thank you for being supportive of gay rights...I think that's awesome.  Just don't be so quick to make assumptions :) 
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Nadia Putri Pasca (4 years ago)
U're awesome. Dude with doll ❤️ i love raquelle as well
Tenchi513 (4 years ago)
Theirs nothing wrong with a man buying dolls
Dolls Forever (4 years ago)
I already have teresa, but i'm definetely going to get raquelle!!! So exited!!!!😄
Ali (4 years ago)
Yup Raquelle is ma fav.. Ughh when will i have her.. Rob hr a one lucky guy 😩
Ali (4 years ago)
Kayleigh Louise (4 years ago)
Ive got one with the leopard jacket
Marcella (4 years ago)
Omg! I got head-over-heels in love with these dolls! They're pretty!
LoveHateKillCreate (4 years ago)
Wow, I love her <3 She is definitely my favorite. She is on my wishlist for a while now, but in The Netherlands she is not for sale, just the other 3 :( TY for showing.
Tom Lee (4 years ago)
You're so cute!! 🙈
ya boi skinny penis (4 years ago)
Have them all and I Love them!!!! I found Raquelle at a distant toys are us she was the last one left I had to grab her I would say my favorites are theresa and raquelle
Sean McGinnis (4 years ago)
I love Raquelle! She is gorgeous. You're so cool, Jason.
RE LUXOR (4 years ago)
3:50 a risadinha do boiola , ups ele se entregou kkkkkkkkk
RE LUXOR (4 years ago)
a Raquelle é linda, mas vc é tão bonito e boiolisticamente baitola, rsrsrsrsrs
Steve Gale (4 years ago)
What happened with these? Why did all but the first three become so hard to find anywhere?
Pedro Bustos (5 years ago)
I've got the four dolls too! I understeand your feeling, I saw them at the store and I just can't choose just one! haaha
Arturo Campos (5 years ago)
I subed so more suber and love youre videos
Lisete Milheiriço (5 years ago)
já tenho as quatro e estou tão feliz
BlytheFan Re (5 years ago)
The style Barbie is very refreshing and up to date. I like the one that the mommie and Gracie show had, but I've never seen the Raquel doll. She is fab and I love her color scheme.
Brianna Baeta (5 years ago)
You are awesome
The Doll Circle (5 years ago)
she is my favorite in the line so far, i have been hunting for her. she is hard to find
Marcus Anthony (5 years ago)
your adorablee
Thomas P (5 years ago)
We love you to Jason :D
cindy barefield (5 years ago)
NateTurdTheThird (5 years ago)
You made me want to get these soo bad.
Jay Squared (5 years ago)
hahaha…go out and find her! 
Danilo Alcocer (5 years ago)
Yeah! Barbie! Son hermosas! Las quiero! Don't forget say "Adios amigos" for yours Latin followers! =P
buterflycandy (5 years ago)
Hi Jason, are the bodies hallow plastic or are they the rubbery bodies? Thanks for showing us, I have only seen them in the box :o) 
buterflycandy (5 years ago)
okay thanks for responding 
Jay Squared (5 years ago)
the hands and the heads are soft rubber…but i believe from the way the limbs feel that they are hollow plastic 
Shiny Plastic (5 years ago)
Ill wait for Midge and buy her, I have a thing for ginger dolls.
Jay Squared (5 years ago)
the Dream House Raquelle just has this weird smirk and i don't like her either lol…i'm glad that she doesn't look like that in this line.  that would definitely be unfortunate! 
Shiny Plastic (5 years ago)
I googled some pics of her, she looks awesome! The styling is very retro and cool. I will be looking out for her now! I bought midge from the Dream House dolls, she's the only barbie I have, I usually only get odd looking dolls too, but make exceptions for dolls like this. Also, that Raquelle has a much nicer expression on her face, the one from Dream House has a kinda mean look on her face lol :p 
Jay Squared (5 years ago)
midge is beautiful in this line!
Alannah Ablar (5 years ago)
She is so Beautiful. Grats that you got her~!
Mansell Ireland (5 years ago)
She is really nice. Good find.
Sallyheartsjack80 (5 years ago)
She is so gorgeous!! I'm so jealous right now :/ I have been looking for her forever! Hopefully I will get her soon, Congrats ;)
Jay Squared (5 years ago)
i hope you find her too!  she's awesome! 
Chase W. (5 years ago)
Omg there not even doing Nikki in the second wave
MyidolGwen (5 years ago)
Nikki is getting a Glam Luxe doll. There was a preview of all the upcoming assortments. They are releasing budget assortments and 2-pack ones. I'm pretty sure Nikki will be a deluxe stand-alone doll like this Raquelle here. The 2-packs will be introducing the first ever Glam Luxe Summer doll though.
Jay Squared (5 years ago)
i've only seen the next 4 dolls…i'm sure that Nikki will come along with the line at some point.  i wish they would make a Ryan and Ken Doll for this line as well!  
Chase W. (5 years ago)
A first view like and second comment

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