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Captain America: Civil War: Team Thor Funny Reason Why Thor & Hulk Weren't in Movie

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Text Comments (2512)
the abyss watcher (2 hours ago)
no body can hold thor’s hammer but this table seems to be holding it fine? 1:03
FT HoglanderExtraz (5 hours ago)
Reasons to not include thor and hulk: they are too powerful they would kill *they are making their 3rd thor movie*
Avenus112 (6 hours ago)
Right Daryl? Yep... one thing though, I don't want to die and I wish I never heard of you.
Dr boss (9 hours ago)
the only person who can compete with shaggy is darrel
Argon (9 hours ago)
I really really wished Thor was this funny in the first and second Thor movie.
rosalie nele (11 hours ago)
Send a raven!
lov hop (12 hours ago)
Mason Young (13 hours ago)
uhhhh. wasn’t thor on saccarr? however you spell it
Shmee 112 (13 hours ago)
I like how this video is obsolete
Jake (14 hours ago)
How have I never seen this ?! It’s hilarious !!
SunShine269 (15 hours ago)
Wait,is this canon?
Who You? (18 hours ago)
Thor: Ragnarok's the reason
hamsterminator (18 hours ago)
0:30. Looks to me like Darryl might be Worthy...
Erik Engelsen (1 day ago)
Send me raven lol classic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Trevor Philips (1 day ago)
That moment you realize this is the first time Thor says Captain America and Steve Rogers.
Maia Tabares (1 day ago)
Nayops 18 (1 day ago)
This had to be during the production of Ragnorak right❓
Urban Alchemist (1 day ago)
Evanthecanadian (2 days ago)
This seems as good if it was a movie than any other marvel movie 😂
Yoooo holy sh*t darell low-key most powerful person to exist(besides Stan Lee) because he’s a non asguardin non avenger and has to deal with the literal GOD OF THUNDER living in his house. Also foreshadowing Endgame.
Lala Christella (2 days ago)
thor : who's this purple weirdo kids : vision!!! me thinking the same time and tryna remind me of vision actual color
QuickShot Studios (2 days ago)
Ehhhhh so Bruce is seen here in this short which is meant to be set in the same time as civil war (which takes place after Age of Ultron). But didn't the hulk fly off in the quin-jet and going to saakar? so how is bruce there? just a little plot hole I found.
R.E.N (2 days ago)
so this is where Thor had an email
MikeShatter (2 days ago)
bronc haris (2 days ago)
The foreshadowing
John Pinkerton (2 days ago)
Yeah I'm sure this is canon.
Azazel cuchara (2 days ago)
Then Thor Made his own team In fortnite
Flamecrew9 At roblox (3 days ago)
He nudged Thor's hammer... he is almost worthy?!?!?
Toby (3 days ago)
Seriously, can we have an edit of civil war with this in the middle? I'd watch the while thing twice
AMAZING FACTS (3 days ago)
thor odinson
Josh Ranu (3 days ago)
Thor Ragnorok happened during Civil war that’s why they weren’t there
Zeus hera (3 days ago)
Doctor strange Strangeson
I remember seeing seeing a post that marvel made this officsl, this really happened during civil war. And Ragnarok happened couple years later
On Lee (4 days ago)
His calf muscles are so beautiful
Ashadul William (4 days ago)
It is clear that in 2:40 mark just hung up the the phone he didn’t received it!!!!!!!!!!!
rainyseason (5 days ago)
"Send a raven" Thor needs his own series.
Jerico Jabsworth (5 days ago)
Thor that was too fat and- *sees endgame Well look at that, you became fat
asii 16 (5 days ago)
Thor does not know whats going on or which team he will be he just want to fight😂😂
cameron burke (5 days ago)
1:35 is the drawer worthy too?
Multifandom Fangirl (5 days ago)
I can see Thor making his own show. Like the office...
It is a crime that this isn't canon.
Killer Shom (8 days ago)
0:36 Wanda is gonna come for thor😂😂😂😂
Nathaniel Balcom (8 days ago)
Aaaaand Banner uses android.
harpreet bedi (9 days ago)
Thor and hulk as a separate team would cream team cap and teamironman
SSBGOHAN (9 days ago)
Its okay Thor I liked all of Thor Ragnarok unlike Civil War (sorry some of it was boring not all of it though)
Nezamuddin Sirat (9 days ago)
Thor is the best love Thor
LordiGodess (9 days ago)
im disappointed they didnt invite thor lmao either of them would have won easly
Shadow Paradox (10 days ago)
2:07 Thor knows something
Mariano Ferri (10 days ago)
the best thor movie in my opinion
DarrylGraidy Playz (10 days ago)
My name is actually Darryl
Vimal Adith zyan (10 days ago)
chris heimsworth aresome guy
Blade Runner (10 days ago)
Brilliant. Marvel's comedic timing is just as valuable as everything they do.
Ezekyel Santoni (11 days ago)
maybe Thor Ragnarok did not happen and this did happen, in an alternate reality. (forgiveness end game left me traumatized)
Kolbe (11 days ago)
Y do I feel bad for Thor shit
Bitches be Bonkers (12 days ago)
Keep out D A R R Y L
Tech Saber (12 days ago)
Team Thor all the way
zwe htet nai nai (12 days ago)
Send a raven 🤣🤣🤣🤣
oren1neu1dag (12 days ago)
Is the purple figure really is of Thanos and not vision? could this have been a clue we didn'g get at the time?
Patrick Oswald (13 days ago)
Infinity war spoiler
Emanuel Ruiz (13 days ago)
"I dont have a phone,send a raven". this nigga lol, Thor & Cap needs to go to a Modern School from this era lol.
Shawn Agen (13 days ago)
This > parks and recreation We all know who's in charge.... Make this a show, id watch this for sure
Sergio Barreda (14 days ago)
Who is Darryl??
super sceptile (14 days ago)
Because hulk and thor was at asgard they were making new movie thor ragnarok
Xenofon Katifes (14 days ago)
So he was already the dude since back then...
FuddyduddyBella (14 days ago)
Technically Banner would be the Hulk. xD
Mello _ (14 days ago)
Team Revengers
domo ronji (14 days ago)
that table on the thumbnail is worthy..
Sebastian Argañaraz (14 days ago)
So many clues about infinity war and endgame in this short film, besides it prepared us to the humurous thor in ragnarok!
Chee Fong (14 days ago)
0:30 the hammer was slightly moved by the average guy vacuuming the floor LOL.
hassan khan (14 days ago)
2:39 it's quite clear that he declined the call
Karla Kim (15 days ago)
thor giving us a tour of him room makes me soffftttt he's so excied to share everything
Raphael (15 days ago)
This really feels like Ragnarok. The comedy is really Taika-ish.
Peter Smith (15 days ago)
Did darryl got snap
p s (15 days ago)
Funny guyes
Blagg Zear (15 days ago)
and who is the man in the purple chair? He is purple, has magic glove... He doesn't like standing up. 😂😂😂 Since he had his Gauntlet he never sat back in his purple chair.
Don't Subscribe (15 days ago)
this was a test to ragnarok
Target Demographic (15 days ago)
Ass.... assberg
Anthony Garrido (15 days ago)
thor made a bed for mojolnir im dying thats great
Niranjan Konwer (15 days ago)
Actually they were doing Ragnarok
IAN 101 (15 days ago)
*who's this purple weirdo ? Got me 🤣
Siddharth Bhatia (15 days ago)
Taika Waititi took one look at this video and decided to make a movie out of it.
Twisted Sanity (15 days ago)
Spoiler alert. Daryll is NoobMaster69
vido valianto (15 days ago)
Look Hulk is worthy
Aaron Stafford (15 days ago)
This has What We Do In The Shadows written all over it haha love it
Drumgol (15 days ago)
I love these! I hope they do more now that their phase has concluded.
iiBloodHunter (15 days ago)
If noobmaster69 was on either side, Thor wouldn't have waited to be asked to join the opposite side
Karl Leonhart (15 days ago)
Thor, that purple guy in the chair will make you.. THICC
Alan Jr Walker (15 days ago)
Civil war 2 on 2027 cap marvel vs Adam warlock and Adam warlock decimating cap marvel would be epic
Classy_Productions (15 days ago)
*I love how this is technically cannon*
apz 26 (15 days ago)
Thor where your team??? Revengers,, remember? You revenge, valkryie revenge, bruce,you want revenge?..
IRONRAGE (15 days ago)
when this happened, i feel like thor ragnarok was going on at the same time thats why they weren’t in civil war
piggy tankers (15 days ago)
"And whos this purple weirdo" lmfao
IHateMaths !!! (15 days ago)
How the fuck table is moving!! Thor’s hammer is on it!.
Alan Ho (16 days ago)
Does anyone get some The Office vibe from this?
INTERNET WIFI (16 days ago)
Little do we know Darryl is Noobster69
Anna Vajda (16 days ago)
I would prefer more Mythological style movies to Superhero movies. Let's have another Hercules or a Athena movie. More historical less comic book.
AJ Skarvan (16 days ago)
Is this cannon
Luke Emmick (16 days ago)
Dude Easter eggs in this lol
David Lozano (16 days ago)
If they made this a whole series I would watch it a billion times

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