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TOP 10 RIP HIGHEST-PAID DEAD CELEBRITIES | Celebrities Making Bank From Beyond The Grave

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THE TOP 10 HIGHEST-PAID DEAD CELEBRITIES | Celebrities Making Bank From Beyond The Grave Everyone knows that celebrities are some of the wealthiest people on the planet, and many of them take advantage of this constantly in their public lives. What may come as a surprise is that falling out of the spotlight doesn’t necessarily change this, due to residuals and likeness rights surviving long beyond the peak of their fame. In fact, not even shuffling off this mortal coil and passing away has stopped certain particularly famous celebrities from continuing to rake in the dough. For many years now, Forbes magazine has been releasing a list of the wealthiest dead people around, with several other publications offering supplemental information that generally confirms their listings. Unsurprisingly, leading the charge this year is “The King of Pop” Michael Jackson, as has been the case almost every year since his demise in June 2009. Not only that, but in typical MJ fashion, he nearly doubles his closest runner up, golf legend and low-key mixology genius Arnold Palmer. Obviously, these incredibly wealthy celebrities can’t exactly do anything with they money the make. However, their families and heirs can still benefit for as long as they live, which is why many so many of them are quick to sign off on highly lucrative endorsement deals and advertising opportunities. Not that this is necessarily exploitative, considering many of these celebs genuinely loved the spotlight, and their fans are happy to see them cropping up on TV and in the radio despite the fact they’re no longer with us. To discover how Jackson and his peers are still so darn rich, keep reading and learn about 15 celebrities making outrageous amounts of money from beyond the grave.
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