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Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub

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This is a First Impression Review of Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Body Scrub. Hi. I am Mart Lester, a Nursing graduate from Our Lady of Fatima University in Valenzuela City. I am a full time Data Entry Specialist and a part time youtuber and blogger. I grew up in Muscat, Oman but I went home for College some years ago and stayed here ever since. I am from Cainta, Rizal, Philippines. Please visit my blog : http://www.ireviewpinoy.com Follow me on instagram: mart_lester Email me: [email protected] Pinoy, Filipino, Youtuber, Guru, Review, Skincare, Skin Whitening, Glutathione, Short Films, Horror Films, Indie Films, Commercial Parody, Food, Recipes, Cooking Show, Deserts, Cakes, Products and Services, Online Jobs, Home Based, Vlog
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Text Comments (31)
Gacha Cute Girl (2 years ago)
One thing that i dont want to this product is that it contain paraben that might cause breast cancer. So be aware what ever beauty product you were using.
Rhod Valenciaga (2 years ago)
Voice over na lang kasi binash ng mga tao sa try-hard na english hahaha. I'm sure binabasa na lang niya eto hahaha
Vince Perez (2 years ago)
sa face pwede
Hannah Joy Sevillena (3 years ago)
pwede po ba to scrub mna then sabon na?or not kse mawawala ung bisa ng product?answer this please thanks😊
Nofanny Rizky (3 years ago)
where did you buy it? i never seen this before hehe
abby yeahh (3 years ago)
+Nofanny Rizky yuppp! :)
Nofanny Rizky (3 years ago)
@abby yeahh nah I am Indonesian. Ohh its kinda The Body Shop right?
abby yeahh (3 years ago)
+Nofanny Rizky oh lol aren't u from the Philippines? it's a well known store of beauty products and other skin care regimes here in phil.
Nofanny Rizky (3 years ago)
@abby yeahh watsons? What is that?
abby yeahh (3 years ago)
Available in all watsons
Claire Mugot (3 years ago)
Hi mart, dapat ba akong umiwas sa init ng araw pag gumamit nito?
Muna Mohammad (3 years ago)
Where do I found?
Jing Ferrer (3 years ago)
The best to itataya ko pangalan ko! proven and tested (Y)
Jing Ferrer (2 years ago)
light lang po
Andre Corpuz (2 years ago)
does it whitens dark skin area?
Angela Fadrilan Ü (4 years ago)
Magsscrub ba muna bago maligo . I mean bago magsabon ? Uso po magreply . Thnks (:
Angela Fadrilan Ü (4 years ago)
Everyday po ba ito gamitin ? Then kelan po ito dapat gamitin, Before Maligo ? Or anytime . then how much this product ?
jason raymundo (4 years ago)
kuya ilang minute bago banlawan
chinchin swift (4 years ago)
araw araw ba gagamitin??
Alfie Salazar (4 years ago)
ask ko lang po mag bo2dy scrub muna b bgo mag sabon?
Teofilo Marcos (4 years ago)
Pag gumagamit ka nian Puputi ka nga.. Parang artificial lang. Bec. Once u stop applying this product babalik ulit dating color ng skin mo.. Un ung napansin ko .. Nakagamit na ko ng 10 Na piraso nung inistop ko bumalik dati kong kulay..bayannnn..
jefry bagaan (4 years ago)
how much this product ??
Cynthia Vue (4 years ago)
Does this lighten dark circles too?
Cynthia Vue (4 years ago)
I see, thanks Mart
Mart Lester & Bob (4 years ago)
@Cynthia Vue no it wont. This one is for the body. They have one for the face but I have not tried it yet. And for under eye dark circles I think we need to use creams with Vit K. Sadly it is hard to find under eye creams here in the Philippines with Vit K
Mart Lester & Bob (4 years ago)
+Jm Dangca yung pang facial scrub di ko pa na try. Itong andito sa video is body scrub lang po.
Angela Fadrilan Ü (4 years ago)
Hey Kuya . Kelan po dapar gamitin ito, before or after maligo ? Then ilang beses sa isang araw gamitin ito ? Please Reply, thnks (:
joy vequiso (4 years ago)
ilang minute kona mag babad ng tubig tapos gamitin ah ?
joy vequiso (4 years ago)
iipekto din po ba kapag gagamit din ng Sabon na Asian Secrets ?
joy vequiso (4 years ago)
aa :) Salamat
Mart Lester & Bob (4 years ago)
after matapos magscrub pwede na po agad mag rinse :D

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