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My Edamame Snack in Olive Oil, Soy Sauce, Garlic & Sesame Seeds

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Inspired by an Edamame recipe in my local Japanese restaurant, I made my own version of it as an appetizer or healthy snack in the afternoon: edamame soy beans are sauteed in garlic, olive oil, soy sauce, sesame seeds, and red hot chili pepper flakes. INGREDIENTS: • Frozen Unsalted Edamame (16 oz. or 1 lb.) • Soy Sauce (2 tablespoons) • Olive Oil (2 tablespoons) • Sesame Seeds (1 tablespoon) • Red Hot Chili Pepper Flakes (1/2 teaspoon) • Garlic (2 cloves, minced) Also Watch: Chinese Eggplant with Potato: http://bit.ly/1qg8Vim SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/NgkdzZ FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1MbrfTs FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1LQpGdo FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/1RAcm9L FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/1R6FsmW VISIT WEBSITE: http://www.yinandyangliving.com/
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Text Comments (60)
Abha Varma (2 months ago)
I will make this for my potluck dinner.
Yin & Yang Living (2 months ago)
shirley allison (6 months ago)
Just started eating these, after my daughter told me about them. Love them. Thank you
Yin & Yang Living (6 months ago)
shirley allison glad you discovered them to enjoy! 💚😊💜
M Masmoudi jnr (9 months ago)
sorry but you burned the garlic....otherwise it might work
Sulais (9 months ago)
Thanks for sharing. I looooooooved it alot.
Yin & Yang Living (9 months ago)
Sulais glad you loooved it! ❤️😍💜
Brenda Pipkins (11 months ago)
O my gosh!!!! I had boiled some of these beans 4 days ago and didn't know what to do with already boiled beans, except for putting them in salads. BUTTTT, I saw the Kardasians, eating them as an appetizer. Soooo I searched and urs were boiled too. Toooooo delish! I'm a 60 yr old Black woman, trying new things and I thank u for this recipe. I ate this for dinner and it was just what I needed! I didn't want a large meal, just a kinda snack with my gin and Fresca soda. Soooo good and fun to make. I had all of the ingredients in my kitchen. I will use this as an appetizer or with drinks with my friends, etc. I love this recipe. These beans r free on weight watchers, so I used spray oil and it was still sooooo delish! Thank u so much.
Yin & Yang Living (11 months ago)
Brenda Pipkins you’re welcome. Glad the recipe worked out for you 💜😊💚
Yin & Yang Living (11 months ago)
Brenda Pipkins you’re welcome. Glad the recipe worked out for you 💜😊💚
Snow White (1 year ago)
I love it. Subscribed. 🙏🏻
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
glad video helped!
Denny Benz (1 year ago)
Do you eat the whole pod or just the ename inside.
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
the pod inside.
Denny Benz (1 year ago)
Where is your funding site/
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
Maritza, I set up a PayPal donation so you actually donate at this link --> https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=4JCFVVZL2D4FN Many thanks for your support and love!!!
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
That is so nice of you and thank you so much for your support. You send funds thru PayPal to [email protected] or you can send funds to my address: Yin & Yang Living PO Box 1143 Los Alamitos, CA 90720
Denny Benz (1 year ago)
So glad i found this channel. I always wanted to see a show like this on food channel or cable and here it is ...love it.. thank you
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
you're welcome and glad I can be of service to you to help you in your journey of life.
Kate Black (1 year ago)
I love edamame, but don't understand when others add seasoning when the pod isn't eaten.
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
good question. cause when you place the edamame in your mouth to remove the pod, you get the flavors.
TheSkunk1996 (1 year ago)
I LOVE EDAMAME!!!!!! Thank you for posting!!
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
you're welcome and enjoy!
Truer JETS (1 year ago)
Ar Mod (1 year ago)
Her face looks so japanese that it doesn't feel like she's speaking is this video dubbed?
Phillips Mom (1 year ago)
Think I could use coconut aminos or Braggs instead of soy sauce?
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
there's also gluten free soy sauce by Tamari
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
try it and see how you like it!
Michelle Hill (1 year ago)
Great video thank you! Just wondering if you can eat the shell of the edamame? I had this appetizer at a restaurant and my friend said to suck on the shell, break it open and eat the seeds???
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
Yes, you can, but we usually don't eat the shell , but if you like it, go ahead. It will not hurt you.
Hamda H (2 years ago)
Never thought it was that easy & your recipe looks delicious trying it for sure!!
Yin & Yang Living (2 years ago)
Trish Toff (2 years ago)
Gonna try it today. Just for the fact it has estrogen.
Trish Toff (1 year ago)
Irene Jennifer that's fine sweety. I always like to check the nutritions im getting from diff food.
Irene Jennifer (1 year ago)
Trish Toff I found out by accident after drinking a bunch of soymilk for like a year.
Irene Jennifer (1 year ago)
Trish Toff I can't believe someone else knows this.
Yin & Yang Living (2 years ago)
hope you enjoy it!
Everywhere Hanan (2 years ago)
I will try it today
Yin & Yang Living (2 years ago)
Mama Fylees (2 years ago)
Does cooking the Edamame make the shell edible..?
Yin & Yang Living (2 years ago)
Yes, it's all edible but people don't usually like the skin cause the texture is a little hard.
Alejandra Mistak (2 years ago)
try out my recipe chili and garlic :)
jackpast (2 years ago)
Thanks for recipe. I love edamame!!
Yin & Yang Living (2 years ago)
You're welcome! I love them too!! 😊❤️😊
Cristina Marie (3 years ago)
Healthy & super delicious ! Love your recipes! 💟💙💙nom nom🍴
Yin & Yang Living (3 years ago)
Glad the recipes are to your liking! 😊❤️💚😀
crosspecans (3 years ago)
do you eat the pod?? or just the pea on the inside.
Pavan Katepalli (11 months ago)
you should keep the pods, blend them and drink it. It's super healthy.
Yin & Yang Living (3 years ago)
+crosspecans peas inside but you get the flavor of the pods when you are removing the pods in your mouth!
Sharon Mitchell (3 years ago)
Looks so healthy! I'll probably leave out the hot chilis for myself though! :)
Yin & Yang Living (3 years ago)
+Sharon Mitchell it is, it is...and it tastes great without the hot chilis!
Rafia Khan (3 years ago)
You looking to good
Yin & Yang Living (3 years ago)
+Rafia Khan I thought you might like this as well!
Mickie D'Albert (3 years ago)
You are so awesome!!
Yin & Yang Living (3 years ago)
+Mickie D'Albert that is too sweet of you to say, Mickie!
Elaine Bines (3 years ago)
great video. I'm going to make this dish as it's good for sharing - and thank you for sharing!
Yin & Yang Living (3 years ago)
+Elaine Bines cool! I guess you like spice. It tastes good with the butter too.
Elaine Bines (3 years ago)
+Yin & Yang Living yes I will be making it with chilli and a little butter x
Yin & Yang Living (3 years ago)
+Elaine Bines Elaine! You're welcome! Yes, edamame is wonderful for sharing with family, friends and co-workers. Will you be making it with the red hot pepper flakes or not?

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