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5 Korean Skincare Secrets to Glowing, Perfect skin! | Alicia Tan

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Hi lovely people! Hope you enjoyed the video! Leave a comment down below & chat with me! Please do subscribe & join my family, & like this video to support me! http://www.youtube.com/AliciaTanChannel Products mentioned: Klavuu Aqua Cushion #23: https://www.indahstreet.com/collections/klavuu Klavuu Serum Mask: https://www.indahstreet.com/collections/klavuu Klavuu Actress Cream: https://www.indahstreet.com/collections/klavuu Klavuu's website: http://en.klavuu.com Follow me on my other social media platforms : Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/aliciatal Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/aliciatal Blog : http://www.aliciatal.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (321)
Valmiki ITI (5 days ago)
can children use cushion foundation
Kieu Thi Muc Cai (10 days ago)
I always use sunscreen, everyday...but it’s not working
Marilyn Mckenzie (11 days ago)
:( no colours I can use in those :’(
Kitty_ Kat (16 days ago)
Jeanette Erandio (27 days ago)
Jeanette Erandio (27 days ago)
thx it really helps me get pretty but wut else is in korea?
Swertres ASMR (1 month ago)
Beautiful girl
Viwe Khalishwayo (1 month ago)
I'm an African, does it work for dark skin I really want to have a beautiful skin too please provide an online site for products
Dhiraj Kumar (1 month ago)
How koreans have glass skin
Ron Zeth (1 month ago)
How to have perfect skin? First Be a korean
angela omuro (2 months ago)
Hi😊 I am very interesting to use a sunscreen, What kind of suncreen do I need to buy po ?
Cat Attacks (2 months ago)
You should have done your research first on cushion foundations....Almay a brand belonging to revlon started the whole cushion foundation thing literally a decade and a half ago, where as Korean beauty trends just popularized it...so always do enough research
93lia 48na은해 (3 months ago)
Does "Age 20's" count as a cusion foundation ?
KiTA (3 months ago)
Why is everyone focused on just the face? This is annoying because I want something that will get rid of the scars on my entire body and leave me with smooth skin.
Talwiya Ansari (3 months ago)
Uh looking gorgeous really 😍
Megha Goyal (3 months ago)
Don't they have any other work
ilyilyana89 (4 months ago)
Love ur skin 🥰
IA (4 months ago)
~•1•~ SunScreen 0:55 ~•2•~Cushion Foundation 1:51 ~•3•~ Hydration 4:10 ~•4•~ Brightening Products 5:53 ~•5•~ Double Cleansing 7:38 Your Welcome!!
Jeanette Erandio (27 days ago)
wow thx
Cristina Aixelá (5 months ago)
I´m Spanish and love Korean Skincare. I buy many products you have recommended and my skin change very much. Incredible, in the live i have had such beatiful skin. Thank you very much
shonyce johnston (5 months ago)
I think that people with natural melanin in the skin has a natural UV protectant and dark skinned people age naturally slow as well because their melanin naturally reduces aging
Taespeachu (5 months ago)
When you see the price....."welp sh*t"
Regina Rafresia (6 months ago)
Cushion foundation is a make up not skincare. I guess. 😅
Ruya elhan (6 months ago)
You are pretty
Benasir Rafi (7 months ago)
Your skin is goal but I am against whitening creams though
Muhammad Haziq (7 months ago)
Aaaaa why it is so longgg😢😢 hello im a student im 15 years old my skin is can said white laa but do i need to wear sunscreen every 2 hours a day even if im at home orr just when im go out.Ummm do you have a tips on how to make my skin look pale like your skinnn andd kinda fresh without noo aging wrinkless or etc pleaseeee imm really need it😀😀😀😀
Princess Jinerella (7 months ago)
Jada Jovani (7 months ago)
You looked a toy
JB P (8 months ago)
I think skin care depends on the skin type, weather in your country and genes. Koreans are born with thin white skin mostly and their bone structure gives a flat appearance on the skin. The adherance of skin to bones is different in korean genes.Try to lift your skin all the pores will be less visible, thats the korean bone structure combined with good weather. Not all koreans follow those steps, and kdrama actors/kpop singers have dermatologist. Its part of their job to look good. I think a good dermatologist will save us a lot of money from buying products not fit for us. But if it works for you then thats good😉 just my opinion
Cyu Hen (8 months ago)
This video felt like an advertisement... smdh .. is it sponsored ? On to the next ...
Ale N. (8 months ago)
Ok so I’m 13 and am looking at these because it I’m starting to have acne prone skin it’s getting oily and am having problem with my pimples and A LOT of black heads I want to prevent it from getting worst .You are older than me and have better skin than me. IT Might also be “puberty” but literally it’s so bad 😫plz help
How about no (9 months ago)
Well, every sunscreen I put on my face gives me acne sooo. 😂😂😂
Alicia Garcia (4 months ago)
Hey, sorry if this is late but look for a sunscreen that is fragrance free (even natural fragrances are bad), and look for a combination suncreen. Physical suncreens cause a white cast, but chemical suncreens can irritate the skin and cause acne. Find one with both and it will less likely irritate the skin. Also, look for suncreens with green tea. There have been multiple studes to show green tea helping clear pores. Dr.Dray here on youtube is a real dermatologist, and has made multiple videos on suncreen if you wish to learn more. Hope this helps.
happyevery (9 months ago)
hello i'm korean . double cleansing is not good at skin without you have a hard makeup . it can make skin more dry but not much people don't know this .
Edie Ghal (9 months ago)
Can I put it on just at home ?!
Edie Ghal (9 months ago)
Can I put sunscreen just at home if I'm not going out ??!
Johannes Pardes (9 months ago)
It still baffles me why on earth people with skin this perfect feel the need to wear foundation...
Bhavya Singh Jeena (9 months ago)
How about my skin ........😂😂😂😂😂it's fine
Cute girl cute talks
Bridget E. (10 months ago)
please reply, my parents think that sunscreen is bad for you. And according to a lot of articles I think they are right. My mom says that whenever she uses SPF her eyes water alot but she still has to use it because of the sun. (my mom is vietnamese by the way) Because of this I don't really know if I should start wearing sunscreen or not. I would really like to improve my skin, I have a lot of whiteheads (very small though) and they just wont go away.
manaal farah (10 months ago)
wait do we need to do sunscreen in all seasons lmfao
spookymoon (10 months ago)
That's why K-pop is popular x
Sky Dancer Skyla (10 months ago)
My mom loves Klavuu so much. I noticed her skin improved and brightened much more than just by using the olay regenerist line. Olay is also nice but it focuses more on wrinkles. She bought it in The Faceshop store in Myeongdong, South Korea. :)
Ami's tube (10 months ago)
Love your hair colour
Dude KOuwj (10 months ago)
*i love you're hair💗*
nash jeet (10 months ago)
Nice. We are getting Korean products in MAURITIUS NOW
많이 도와 줘서 고마워.
badass ninja midget (10 months ago)
I dont need sunblock i dont go outside 😂
Jannatul Ferdaus Nisa (11 months ago)
you can achieve them by plastic surgery 😂😂😂😂
ynah melchor (11 months ago)
And here I am sitting on the corner probably jealous of your glowing skin. (Wishing I had that skin lol)
Caitlin Manansala (11 months ago)
Ugh I'm so jealous... they do have beautiful skin... I mean like I just wish I would go out and have beautiful flawless skin... and acne it's killing me I really wanna try korean acne removal products anyone know products that will help... I've tried so much and it makes it worse...
Pinky Aliangan (11 months ago)
Is this your official account? Well anyway thanks for doing this video it really helps alot...i wish this is ur official account cause i have plenty of questions that are needed answers like is it okay if i will use any brands of sunblock as long as its has SPF and pa+??
no makeup girl (11 months ago)
I am also a Korean but I don't look like Koreans even my grand parent's grand parents raise there and we too . I am speechless about your video. Thanks!!!!!! 😊
Mystery Figure (1 year ago)
I love you hair!!! 😍😍😍
I am_ me (1 year ago)
4:30 😮really that long
Awsm video!! But, The first and most important step= Be a Korean! Yes, through diet, work outs & make up, that type of skin may be achievable to some extent... But genetics is the most important out of all... When ur mom or dad have flawless skin generations after generations, you will automatically born with that kind of skin... 2nd essential thing is- Climate... Korea & Indonesia, both have Mongolian People... But their skin is identically different, Indonesia is an Equatorial country whereas Korea is a temperate country, having cold climate (45° latitude).. So never ever go crazy with a particular skin type guyzz...Respect your knowledge & talent, be what color n skin type u have... All these skin trends are a huge marketing policy to increase business and earn profit.. Most important is, to live healthy and happily.. When we r healthy inside, we are stronger and beautiful outside😊
ynwoodard (4 days ago)
+GirlPower189 - wow. if that's true it's sad.
GirlPower189 - (2 months ago)
Nope...... It's not genetics (only to some extent it must be) Ever seen pics of Korean kids in elementary school? When the kids are small, most of them look like normal Asians with brown skin .. So basically you follow these tips to get this fair skin
D Dhritismrita Goswami (10 months ago)
Lizbeth Aguilera thank you so much for your kind comment dr😊
Lizbeth Aguilera (10 months ago)
This is the most reasonable comment i have ever read in my life
Shivanya Chauhan (1 year ago)
I am indian.. So can you tell me from where i can get these products of korea...and this hydrating mask... Plz reply fast
Viwe Khalishwayo (1 month ago)
Shivanya did you get the products please share me what you are using
ღStefanyღ (6 months ago)
Testerkorea Beautynetkorea
ღStefanyღ (6 months ago)
Shivanya Chauhan YesStyle
Chanfended찬펜덷 (1 year ago)
I'm jealous of Suga's skin..lmao
Same honestly
Nhat Huy Ly (3 months ago)
Sanjeeb Kumar Singh (5 months ago)
bts armie everywhere
Forever Army (8 months ago)
alice V (1 year ago)
I just love your skin
sanae hassani (1 year ago)
Hi there!! Korean Skin care has changed my life!!! It changed my skin so much that I created my own online Korean skin care store. You can check it out here: k-skare.com
Oliver Black (1 year ago)
I want to get tanner and darker that's my goal lmao
Fluffy Foxie (1 year ago)
You dont need to use serum if you use essence because it's almost the same thing!😖
xXCherii (1 year ago)
Video:Number 1 Use sunscreen Me:Nup this not my video *thinks in head*WHY AM I ALLERGIC TO SUNSCREEN WAHH T^T
samnang Toshio (1 year ago)
Helpful as well dear.
Koreans I what to be whiter me I what to be more Asian color
Kathy Jadex (1 year ago)
Your skin is so dewy!! love it
Beenish Roman (1 year ago)
Hi Alicia have u done any video on pigmented skin or having dark patches I have heard so much about Korean skin care products but don't know which product is best for me having the problems mentioned in the beginning. Kindly guide me. N one more thing I love ur skin n want to have one like u. Love
Iael BornToSing (1 year ago)
¿WHAT? ¿35 years old and above? OMG 😲 Thank you for your video
Gabriela Meza Armenta (1 year ago)
you are skin goals!
syxwxnxx (1 year ago)
I have no problems with people prefereing fair skin or tanned skin. I personally prefer to have fair skin. But im just baffled as to how many people are so 'surprised' as to how fair alicia's skin is and why 'your' skin isnt. It might just be that she is chinese. Chinese people tend to have fairer skin just like japanese and korean, etc people. If you have darker skin, it might be because of your race and it shouldnt make you want to change your skin tone altogether. There is a difference between overcoming dullness and wanting fairer skin. Please just embrace your skin tone before getting into an actual skincare regimen.
kim SuzyVEVO (1 year ago)
I want to look pretty with out makeup
mohan prasad (1 year ago)
I love Korean
Channie Park (1 year ago)
Cushion foundations are good indeed but they should create more shades because us with brown/tan skin suffer, we also need that :(
Nietolu Tunyi (1 year ago)
Can u please suggest a tip for sunburn and pigmentation for combination skin since iv got pigments in my nose part and i just dont know how to cure it
Araner Lee (1 year ago)
Hi how are you hope your fine
Bukang Liwayway (1 year ago)
Bagus juga video ini! Subscribed! :-)
M CT (1 year ago)
Thank you Alicia! I have a question, in United States use a lot of powder to “seal” the make up, but is obvious that this step ruins the point of a glowy-glass skin. In this case, what are your opinion and knowledge?
Mr Black Chocolate (1 year ago)
Hello Alicia am a new subscriber... Actually my wife's name is Alisha and her nickname is Tan... Funny how both got name pretty similar...thanks for the advice my wife loves korean products.. Really enjoy ur video... Tc
TheDumbOne IsShy (1 year ago)
My skin: greasy, spotty, ugly. Check check and check
Renee Paiz (1 year ago)
nindi y (1 year ago)
Could you suggest what a kind of product for acne prone skin please ?😂
Alicia Tan (1 year ago)
yes! Do watch my Best Mask+Exfoliator video & best of beauty 2017 :) U can try cosrx or klairs products! They are great!
Tokki U・x・U (1 year ago)
Stilled tanned and I was born pale I just went out a lot as a kid now I’m staying inside a lot
Drake Kidd (1 year ago)
That’s so strange. I feel like in the U.S. everyone who are very pale (mostly people of European decent) want darker skin and love to tan/use tanning lotion. While in Korea and other Asian cultures, they want to be fair and lighter. Now there is controversy around this but honestly, I think everyone should love themselves. If your dark don’t feel like you need to become lighter, and if your paler/lighter, don’t think you need to become darker. Beauty is beauty no matter what you look like. But it’s interesting to see the cultural differences.
Mohamad Alif (1 month ago)
Yeah in Asia, people with fair skin are considered wealthy
Vinod Dadhich (3 months ago)
Ohh you are true
Cristiana Nicolae (4 months ago)
I'm European and I was never a real fan of tanning. I mean, if I get a tan is fine by me, if I don't get a tan is fine also. What botheres me is the social presure. I mean, I'm pale skin and I don't get out much when the sun is up so I don't get much tan especially on my feet. And I get unpleasant comments about having "cheeze-white feet in the middle of summer". Pretty annoying. And ilogical too. I can't rule Sun or my body's melanin, so such comments are plain stupid. The tan comes and goes every year. I am more concerned about the blood circulation than this.
MaisaHiko _ (7 months ago)
How about no (9 months ago)
I’m European and I love my pale skin. I think it makes white blonde hair and black hair look better.
Tae Den (1 year ago)
Do u use sunscreen before puting make up?
Alicia Tan (1 year ago)
yes all the time!
UBAIDA khan (1 year ago)
Sunscreen is causing me acne🙁
SuperMarkizas (3 months ago)
Try Clarins SPF50 UV Plus. I have very sensitive skin, but it works perfectly.
Deepti Kandpal (1 year ago)
use water based sunscreen
nie 0406 (1 year ago)
Just find your channel! New subscriber here!! You are so pretty 😍
Alicia Tan (1 year ago)
thank you!!
Aenoy pisaygnane (1 year ago)
What do I need to use, i have allergic reaction to SPF
amy Ong (1 year ago)
You look sooo much prettier without make up.
Dosheyan Rai (1 year ago)
Are you sure this works ?
have a cookie (1 year ago)
When you were putting on the cushion foundation, I couldn't believe how clear your natural skin looked!! So beautiful 😍
Alicia Tan (1 year ago)
thank you!!
Jazmine__ e (1 year ago)
U gained a new subscriber i love ur personality soo muchh ur really prettyy and luv ur hair colored ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alicia Tan (1 year ago)
thank you!!
shawna (1 year ago)
your soo pretty
shawna (1 year ago)
Alicia Tan (1 year ago)
thank you!!!
Griselda Lucero (1 year ago)
Hi Alicia, I’m new to your channel! 🙂 I love the video and can’t wait to try out the products mentioned, but I’m a little hesitant with the website(en.Klavuu.com) is it secure to shop at this website?
Alicia Tan (1 year ago)
yes it's secure :) Thank you for watching!
Nestor Angel (1 year ago)
Cool hair, beautiful eyes and smile 😗 . Do you recommend Korean hair products? If so, Which one?
E. T.C (1 year ago)
You are really beautiful..😘😘😁
マリュコちゃん (1 year ago)
You're so pale! Dont want to be intrusive, but did u go thru any whitening treatment? Ur skin looks wayyy too nice for something from just good kproducts
Alicia Tan (1 year ago)
no i don't got thru any whitening treatment. maybe it looks extra fair from camera lighting as well? But i'm born pretty fair :)
Cancy Mcdonie's (1 year ago)
Can these products remove pores.??
Ali Jahani (1 year ago)
What anti-aging cream do you recommend for a dry/sensitive skin and a natural foundation with SPF properties that is not too heavy for my skin type? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Alicia Tan (1 year ago)
i LOVE SK-II RNA Power Cream! It's awesome for anti-aging! For foundation, shu uemura lightbulb essence oil-in foundation is great!
Ali Jahani (1 year ago)
Your skin is just flawless. wow.
Renee Sanders (1 year ago)
"Very fair skin check".......I'm so glad that my blue eyed WHITE boyfriend love my dark skin and think I'm beatiful. And the melanin that is naturally occurring in my dark skin acts as a natural sunblock which actually prevents me from aging faster than my fair skin pale counterparts. All Asians think all blacks and dark skinned people are poor, ugly and uneducated. Asians are horribly racist that's why they should be continually ignored by todays modern society.
ynwoodard (4 days ago)
All Asians are not racist let me start there. However the comment in the video doe a come off that way. Also watch binding behind the word preference. Question the motivation behind the preference; it will let you know whether of not it's racist.
Alysa Somoza (10 months ago)
EXCUSE YOU i dont want to be rude, BUT NOT ALL ASIANS ARE RACIST dont just conclude that EVERY ASIAN thinks that all dark skinned people are poor, ugly and uneducated. Im a Filipina and most of us are DARK SKINNED and i think its beautiful. By saying that all Asians are racist you're basically being RACIST yourself. ITS A MATTER OF PREFERENCE, everyone doesnt have the same idea of beauty and if you think that people who have darker skin are pretty then you do you. But DONT EVER shame Asians OR ANYONE for that matter just because you have a different preference. NO ONE deserves to be ignored by today's modern society ESPECIALLY since we only live on one planet and should work together despite the cultural differences. If you just cant stand someone else's OPINION then you'd better just LEAVE instead of talking bad to someone. If you came here just to prove that dark skin is as good as white skin thats ok, BUT LEAVE OTHER CULTURES OUT OF IT WHETHER ASIAN OR NOT because honestly you're being offensive. edit: id be lying if i said im not mad but i just wanted you to understand that you shouldnt say things like that because that was totally mean (no offense). what im trying to say is dont judge a book by its cover, its true that some people are like that but there are the ones that aren't so dont group us singularly. im saying this as a person and not as someone who is Asian. Learn to have respect for other people's opinion and like what i had said, leave if you cant stand it.
Aleah B. (1 year ago)
You should still wear sunscreen even if you’re dark-skinned. Look it up.
Alicia Tan (1 year ago)
It's a matter of preference, just like how americans love sun-kissed, tanned skin, majority of koreans like fair skin.  It's not a matter of racism, and I apologise if it offended you.  I live in Malaysia & we are a multi-racial country with indians and malays with tanned skin too.  This is just a topic I'm sharing about how Koreans like their skin & how they are known for taking care of their skin well. You may be right that having fair skin is more prone to sun damage, hence putting sunscreen is important for me, not to have fairer skin, but to protect my skin. All love, no hate! <3
Liza O (1 year ago)
Cheyenne La Loup (1 year ago)
The sun is actually good for you. 😂 Ever heard of Vitamn C, gravity, and oxygen??
No Name (1 year ago)
no shit , but too much sun can contribute to skin cancer

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