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Different Kinds of Korean Kimchi!

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If there was ever a food I am addicted to, I have to admit, it is Korean kimchi. I talk about different kinds of Korean kimchi and its nutritional value. Also Watch: DIFFERENT KINDS OF TOFU: http://bit.ly/1HwA5Tf SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/NgkdzZ FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1LcJLp3 FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1EYNMbT FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/1HujNwE FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/1Gqtrlc VISIT WEBSITE: http://www.yingandyangliving.com/
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Text Comments (29)
Kawaii Kawaii (5 months ago)
I love kimchi. Great video
Yin & Yang Living (5 months ago)
thank you
Crisne Tabanas (10 months ago)
I love kimche. For its antibiotic its good to our health. Now i made my own kimche. I eat everyday
Yin & Yang Living (10 months ago)
Here are 2 of my non-spicy kimchi recipes: https://youtu.be/GEK5xUS1hrM https://youtu.be/zxtcZ4fGmzw
Connor Leader (1 year ago)
I've seen this video☺
Connor Leader (1 year ago)
I would miss it to the spicy one is really nice I've just made turnip water kimchi ☺
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
that is my favorite kimchi and here's my recipe: https://youtu.be/zxtcZ4fGmzw
Connor Leader (1 year ago)
why can't you eat spicy Kimchi now?
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
irritates my digestive system. I miss spicy kimchi very much though!
Connor Leader (1 year ago)
I'm addicted to all kinds of kimchi I love radish/turnip water kimchi love the juice it tastes fizzy witch I like and really love chive kimchi💖
Yin & Yang Living (1 year ago)
Because I can no longer eat spicy kimchi (so sad), I have to eat white kimchi and here's a recipe: https://youtu.be/GEK5xUS1hrM
Stormy days (2 years ago)
I'm not Korean but I can't live without kimchi. .love it
Stormy days (2 years ago)
+Moon Cho ..oh thank you. .I love everything Korean. .but kimchi is my number one love 😊
Moon Cho (2 years ago)
If you can not live without kimchi, then you are Korean!!! 😊💚😊
greylock1959 (2 years ago)
Costco rules. Yeah
Matt Polt (2 years ago)
Love Kimchi!!!...thanks for your wonderful videos!!!...
Yin & Yang Living (2 years ago)
you're welcome, Matt! Glad my videos are helpful to you.
Yin & Yang Living (3 years ago)
Yes, you're right cause they place a lot of oysters and shrimp. Here's a vegan kimchi recipe I loooove for the summer months, and it's super easy to make --> https://youtu.be/zxtcZ4fGmzw
Sarah Tabler (3 years ago)
Vegan Kimchi is quite hard to find in stores, especially in all the versions you showed. But, I'm learning how to make my own at home from Mommy Tang (here on YouTube) and it is just awesomely delicious so far. I haven't met a Kimchi I have not loved yet! Just keep it plant-based in order to get the most nutritional benefit out of it as possible.
Kathryn Kerbs (3 years ago)
Do you use fish sauce at all? I want to make some of my own since to keep in the fridge. I am salivating thinking about it. lol
miyubail (3 years ago)
I've tried water Kimchi from other YuTube Koream recipe. I made quite a lot but it got spoiled in 4 days even in the regridgerator.
miyubail (3 years ago)
thanks for posting this vid. I'm Japanese but I make Kimchi in the fall/winter.
Yin & Yang Living (4 years ago)
If there is one food I am seriously addicted to, I have to say it’s Korean Kimchi! In this #video, I talk about different kinds of Korean Kimchi & my favorite ones too! https://youtu.be/eUodVeMHG3E http://www.yingandyangliving.com/food/food-related-tips/kinds-korean-kimchi/ #KoreanFood #Kimchi #KoreanKimchi #FoodTips #AsianFood #AsianFoodTips #YingYangLiving
MrKiilani71 (4 years ago)
Because I live where I have no oriental markets around, on making kim chee with the radish...would you be able to make it with daikon?   I do make my own paste and live it up to a month in the fridge, is that okay?
Moon Cho (4 years ago)
Yes, of course you can make it with daikon, which is a veggie we use to make kimchi.  The paste should last a month  or longer because it is a natural preservative itself.
CologneCarter (4 years ago)
I like the kind made with cabbage, I am not to keen on radish or cucumber in any dish. Only problem with kimchi is I am intimidated by the spiciness. Having been living in Germany all my life I am not really used to spicy food. So what I consider spicy you would probably think of a bland and what I find intolerably hot will be spicy to you.
sazji (4 years ago)
@CologneCarter If you can get the Korean radishes (the large one she called "turnip" is actually a large radish; it's called "mu" in Korean). It is crisp and sweet, without even a hint of hotness. If you can't find it, the big white daikon radishes are perhaps the closest alternative but even they can be a little hot.
CologneCarter (4 years ago)
@yingandyangliving Nah, that's not spicy at all. The thing is I like the taste and the mouthfeel of spicy things. It's just that I'd need to tone them down a bit (a lot ;) ).
Yin & Yang Living (4 years ago)
My mother actually makes cabbage kimchi with white cabbage!!  Have the water kimchi--it is not spicy!

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