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9 Korean Beauty Secrets Every Girl Needs To Know! Korean Skin Care Routine

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9 Korean Beauty Secrets Every Girl Needs To Know! Korean Skin Care Routine. The ladies of Korea are renowned for their beautiful, clear, dewy complexions. Here are nine of the best Korean beauty tips that will help you achieve healthy looking and glowing skin. 1. Slap your face. 2. Drink ginseng tea. 3. Double cleanse. 4. Exfoliating. 5. Toner. 6. Essence. 7. Serum. 8. Ampules. 9. The ten second rule. Slapping your face after you have finished the rest of your skin care regime increases the blood circulation and it keeps the muscles firm. Ginseng is used topically in many different skin care products in Korea and Ginseng is also used in cooking and it is drunk in tea. Korean girls use a double cleansing method, every single night. Exfoliating is another important part of Korean girls regular beauty routine. Toner has become quite a common feature in western skin care regimes and it is designed to be used after you have cleansed your skin. After applying toner, the next stage in many Korean girls skin care routine will be to apply essence. Serum is usually applied after essence and it is a thicker hydrating lotion that fight the signs of ageing and also lighten spots and blemishes. Ampules are a highly concentrated version of a serum and they are used only as a booster skin care treatment. Finally, one rule that a Korean women will never break is the ten second rule. Social Links: Like And Follow Us To Stay Updated: https://www.facebook.com/newhomeremedy/ https://plus.google.com/+RemediesForYou Disclaimer: None of the information on our videos is a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment by your health professional.Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment. Images licensed under CC: www.flickr.com www.commons.wikimedia.org www.pixabay.com
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Text Comments (520)
Priya Trivedi (11 days ago)
Hillary Loves Kpop MSP (13 days ago)
I just want to take care of my skin because it's really bad right now
Gurleen Kaur (12 days ago)
Same here
Remedies For You (13 days ago)
Take care of your skin.
Anjana Limbu (29 days ago)
when I slap my face my mom scold me very much.... this is too lol for me....
Houda Gorman (29 days ago)
Cool 😎 love this video 🥰
Remedies For You (28 days ago)
Thanks for watching.
Bts Army (1 month ago)
It’s “patting” not ‘slapping’ please dont slap ur face😂😂
Christy E (1 month ago)
Christy E (1 month ago)
Now i know why my korean employer Always slap her face ..im thinking about volunteering hehe
Mya_playz YT (1 month ago)
All I do is drink a lot of water and my promise is to drink ONLY water and it will make you have baby skin
Remedies For You (1 month ago)
Thanks for your comment.
Aaru naware (1 month ago)
I am a a army of bts and I am watching this to become kpop idol
Remedies For You (1 month ago)
Thanks for your comment
Lyssikins Why (1 month ago)
CuTae Jungkookie (2 months ago)
Is this why Taehyung slaps lotion on his face?😂💜
Madhuri Pepakayala (2 months ago)
MIa-k-pop BANGTANS (2 months ago)
lakshmi prajapati (2 months ago)
There beauty is depends on their climate yar they don't do more focus to get glass skin
Remedies For You (2 months ago)
Thanks For Watching.
rudaba ali (2 months ago)
why dont i marry a korean and live in korea😂😂😂😂
ARMY MIXER (2 months ago)
'slap your face' *#slapyourself*
i dont have a name (2 months ago)
No wonder big marvel slaps him self (it's part of his skin care routine) 😱😱😱
Yna20k Entertainment (2 months ago)
Ayyyyy big bubble fan here
Lina La (2 months ago)
S M (2 months ago)
Ufff bts here for you💜
Red Rash (2 months ago)
Why are Koreans so beautiful? just slap their face every seconds and get plastic surgery everyday lol.
armyᄐ ᄐ (2 months ago)
0:30 slap your face
ღ Autumn ღ (3 months ago)
Almost all people in the comment section are ARMYs 😂
BTS Fan (3 months ago)
I'm watching this because of u BTS....
pavithra vijalakshmi (3 months ago)
And this is where I ended after watching BTS for a couple of months♥♥♥#kookie_love😍😘♥
Army Officially (3 months ago)
+pavithra vijalakshmi never mind..... There is miles to go.....
pavithra vijalakshmi (3 months ago)
+Army Officially yeah I guess! But I feel so sorry for myself for not being able to know them long ago😖😖
Army Officially (3 months ago)
Long way to goo😁😁
rayva1 (3 months ago)
The hell did this video wind up on my recommendations???!!!
Ranjita Deb (3 months ago)
0:34 IUUUU
Hekuto Chishi (3 months ago)
Slap my face? Are you kidding me?
Puja Rini (3 months ago)
Its all about high make up power
aisha faitma (3 months ago)
Gensng tea?
Aqsa Hassan (4 months ago)
As I was scrolling down the comment section. I saw many armys saying we are learning this for BTS! LIKE SERIOUSLY! We should learn these things as for having interest in Korean culture or Korean beauty. Not because of KPOP. Well I'm a kpoper too.. And sorry for my weak vocabulary..
Everyday Life (4 months ago)
Susama Biswas (4 months ago)
gosh its a whole list of things .my skin care routine is wash the face nd give sunscreen nd done fr the whole day....
Halema Khan (4 months ago)
what is ginseng ????????😞😞😞😞😞
Remedies For You (4 months ago)
Ginseng, an oval-shaped root, is among the most popular herbal remedies. It is believed to boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation, treat diabetes, and manage sexual dysfunction in men.
Ariana Sam (4 months ago)
Dude does it work
kim nu (4 months ago)
ME: see The First step: slap your face Me: *instantly Slap my face*
Mubarak Khan (4 months ago)
I hate korean people they are so jealousy and they look like a ghost specially korean girls and they do not use this tips they only do one thing that is plastic surgery they are very disgusting and stupid people
Aung Phyo Oo (4 months ago)
people in korea gets light skin automatically because of the cold weather they have
Remedies For You (4 months ago)
Thanks For Your Comment.
Nature Lover (5 months ago)
Slap ?😂
Oecy Ok (5 months ago)
Kids, do not slap yourself. I did it and I swear as soon as I did I had 1 fucking pimple! (On my forehead) Pimples only pop up on my fore head. I'm going to the hair salon to get some bangs.
Park Jimin (5 months ago)
I’m here cause I wanna be a kpop idol but I am not even Korean 😂
Remedies For You (5 months ago)
Thanks For Watching.
Harpinder Dhindsa (5 months ago)
I will request to my husband to slap my face
Aakarshak Mishra (5 months ago)
Remedies For You (5 months ago)
Thanks For Watching.
Angela G (5 months ago)
**looking for korean makeup** Loading... "Slap yourself" **silent** Bye~♡
I love jimin (17 days ago)
ARMY.... ❤
Ana Aguillon (5 months ago)
Now i can have skin like bts
안녕Hi Hello (5 months ago)
as soon as the narrator said slap ur face, I scrolled down as fast as i can and saw that everyone also slapped their face...
안녕Hi Hello (5 months ago)
Niti Chakma (6 months ago)
jackelyn dariagan (6 months ago)
Just use frontrow products its proven and tested.. your skin will not coming back to normal color.. pm me if more info needed at my fb fatima dariagan raza (jackelyn)
jinkies (6 months ago)
Bunny kookie (6 months ago)
Any A.R.M.Y here???
Khadija Ch (10 days ago)
Army's here
Moonwati Wati (23 days ago)
BTS_Army_fangirl (1 month ago)
Here! ❤✌
BTS Army (1 month ago)
U know that 😜😜
I_purpul Bts (1 month ago)
Salman Binti Arshad (6 months ago)
Why can't you be brave to be ourself without any make up or any acting?
no drama Llama (6 months ago)
I'mma freaking slap maself from now
ԹaՏեeյ ՊaլլօաՏ (6 months ago)
I slapped myself,my mom think Im insane
sneha punna (6 months ago)
Please do not drink excess ginseng tea.. You can have severe mood swings
Remedies For You (6 months ago)
Thanks For Your Comment
lilliana (6 months ago)
“No wonder” 🙄Asians have such nice s kin
Sherina David (6 months ago)
This is for jk my dream boy
bts vmin (6 months ago)
i will ask my teacher to slap me and when she ask me why ? i will show this Edit:my teacher will also slap her self lol😅😅
my family (6 months ago)
plz like my comment.....
Mr Brent (6 months ago)
0:30 IU😍😍😍😍 LEE JI 😍😍😍 I LOVE YOU😘😘😘😘😘
Hack Distinct (6 months ago)
Just put some makeup lol
Uttamrao Mulik (6 months ago)
When u finally understand the reason V(taehyung)was slapping his face after so many unrealistic thoughts came into your mind😂😂
something something (6 months ago)
Girls she means tap on your face not slap it lmao please dont slap yourself
Sweta Sweta (6 months ago)
dimag kharab kr dya pagal
PARTH PATEL (6 months ago)
Sweta Sweta where r u from?
Faris khan Faris khan (6 months ago)
I don't think first one is from our remedy
Shaik karishma (7 months ago)
My mom slaps mefrom childhood
BTS !!!
Red Apple (7 months ago)
No, no, no, I don't want red colour face 😂😂
KPopcorn 13 (7 months ago)
Yeah I shouldn't follow the strict 9 step technique?... Hmmm yes I shall go all the way to fix my face.😅😂😉
Cind Rella (7 months ago)
Hello i want to ask u something
-Yooniverse - (7 months ago)
Lmao i was slapping my face while watching the video😂
Sunogen Yengden (7 months ago)
Slap yourself 😑😑😑😑😑
sandeep pawar (7 months ago)
it's wonderful
Remedies For You (6 months ago)
Thanks for your comment.
Cute Animals (7 months ago)
The most important factor is the genes of East Asian people. That's the secret of their good skin.
jaehyun’s milk (5 months ago)
noo i’m east asian and i’m ugly asf
padmaja Padmaja (6 months ago)
U r absolutely right
p k patel (7 months ago)
all tips that you tell they all wrong because I born in south Korea in busun
p k patel (7 months ago)
IU is really beautiful
PARK jenna (8 months ago)
Patt your face not slap ..bts I'm doing this for you bbies😂😍😍
margelana paracha (8 months ago)
Guys don't try this Slap your face because When u slap your skin Pores are opened and Slowly slowly your skin colour Turn into black👤👤👤👤👤👤👤
Taher Gohar (8 months ago)
My neighbors saw me slap my face very often they almost called the police
HoneyPriya (8 months ago)
Basic Korean secrets : So much use of cosmetics, plastic surgery and definitely slap ur face to make the cheeks look natural red rose😂😂😂😂
starlin daz (3 months ago)
Sodozai Khan (4 months ago)
Ahhahahahha yes surgery and best cosmetic makes beautiful her skin
Normal Is Overrated (8 months ago)
A strict nine step regime every single day? No thank you. I can live with my current skin just fine
yasser mohamed (8 months ago)
I was surprised when iu popped up at the back. #imdoingthisforkpop
vkook shiper (8 months ago)
Bts 😍😍
vkook shiper (8 months ago)
First u slap ur face then I will definitely slap 😂😂😂
Kabita Thopra (8 months ago)
Slapping my face😆😆😆....now for everyday I should assist my teacher for slapping my face ...even for not doing any mistake
Bangtan Army (8 months ago)
They are naturally beautiful they no need to salp their face😂😂
외계인CG (8 months ago)
i slapped my face, like, fifty times my skin better be so clear, it cant even produce pimples or acne.
Bangroz Bangroz (8 months ago)
When she said slap your face..l immediately slap myself..lol.and everyone around me was laughing 😂
Gracy ks (8 months ago)
i think though the beauty secreat of korean girls are plastic surgery 😂😕😞
Shubhangi Nigam (8 months ago)
Any army watching this video for BTS?
Aysha Aysha (2 hours ago)
I am
Chandheni Ganesan (21 days ago)
Yes !!! Me
Helina Min (9 months ago)
Well shit I've been exfoliating my skin everyday with an exfoliating sponge/crystal exfoliating masks and I thought that was the reason my skin was starting to get clearer.
jiphen owmin (9 months ago)
I wanna try once who knows its maybe good
army_ otaku (9 months ago)
shine_anARMYofBTS (9 months ago)
ouch my face hurts slap
Mausi 4m Space (9 months ago)
You couldn’t bother narrating the video in natural voice? Robotic voices are aggravating. 👎🏻
우힛 (9 months ago)
Well ... I'm Korean, but I have never know those things... This video is just funny 😂😂
Alina Nauman (20 days ago)
hii really are you sure? 😂
Chandheni Ganesan (21 days ago)
Really ??
Ananya sharma (3 months ago)
Woah!!! thanks to you i didn't slap my face 😂
Mia (9 months ago)
주Ni (9 months ago)
magic is fun (9 months ago)
Me, *slaps my friend Friend, why u slapped me? Me,it's good for your skin Friend, 😐
Saraswati (9 months ago)
Really i am trying to look like a perfect korean for bangtan boys hehe......... sarangae!!~~♡♡
Saraswati (9 months ago)

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