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How To ALWAYS Look Good In Clothes...

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DOWNLOAD BUMP - ​https://sobump.app.link/magnusryt how 2 always look fly as fuccccc xoxo http://instagram.com/magnus http://instagram.com/ronning.co.uk http://instagram.com/ronningshoes
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Text Comments (339)
Magnus (9 months ago)
I will be selling clothes regularly over the next period of time on bump, will start posting shoes as well when I get boxes for it xoxo
Aidan Shmaden (9 months ago)
its @blondey_mccoy1
Not Teardrop (9 months ago)
Whats your name on bump?
Keira Ng (1 month ago)
Step 1. Be attractive Step 2. Wear clothes
GLW (4 months ago)
Why was I staring at that art the whole time
Ryan xeo (4 months ago)
just get a box logo instant bitches
Moos van Middelkoop (4 months ago)
Where’s your belt from? It’s damn near perfect
pain (5 months ago)
Where's the joggers and the zipper denim magnus
Otto Jacobson (5 months ago)
Throwing a t-shirt out after 3 wears is really irresponsible, you should think about the massive amount of resources that are used to make clothes
Young Savage (6 months ago)
yeah you lookin good but what about your face? huhh
Agnar Mar Masson (6 months ago)
I really have a different problem. Can you do a video anout how to look got when not wearing clothes?
POPCORN (7 months ago)
you remind me of blumaan
picklejuic3 ! (7 months ago)
Its easy looking good in clothes when you look like THAT
Nebil Abdu (7 months ago)
HOW would YOU know 🤔
CustomCutFilms (7 months ago)
Can't you just use Depop like the rest of us 😉
Palomita (7 months ago)
Yooo just hit 200’000!!
scarface 300 (8 months ago)
Ayyyyy I'm from Atlanta
Nathan Anderson (8 months ago)
Whay about how to look good without clothes?
Static Noice (8 months ago)
Godt at se en fellow dane
Jarno (8 months ago)
Uploading alot of shit.. sorry stuff.. you have me cracking up so hard dude xD
phoebealiceh (8 months ago)
Wow you seriously wear a white tshirt 2 or 3 times before throwing it away?? Dude that is so bad for the environment and even more of a fuck you to the sweatshop workers who made that for you
jek .S (8 months ago)
DeadlyLeprechaun (8 months ago)
What are the brown trousers with paint called?
Accedeli 00 (8 months ago)
Magnus saying shit twice and correcting himself...twice. We love an unbothered king. 🤧👌 (Loved this video btw)
Linnéa Rudin (8 months ago)
Where do you buy your belts, necklaces, rings, etc? :) x
Oscar Vera (8 months ago)
Really cool. I live around the cumberland area of Atlanta, Ga. ❤️
Funkypol (8 months ago)
even better advice: Just rock every single piece with confidence no matter how you feel
A2BS (9 months ago)
bruh how many fuckin navy jackets do u own
Dahbomba Sweg (9 months ago)
Do they hooters in Europe?
Vincent (9 months ago)
I feel like if I'd wear the same outfit as you I would look retarded af because I'm fat. It literally is about being a "normal weight".
Manel Icecream (9 months ago)
im a girl but i think ur videos are very interesting and fun to watch :)
X_U (9 months ago)
Frazer M (8 months ago)
Hooters now accepting LGBT members ?
Oscar Vera (8 months ago)
Accepting *
Maciej Szczesny (9 months ago)
Here I am trynna sleep in same tee shirt
Alexis Lexis (9 months ago)
Where is he from his accent is funny
Erik H (9 months ago)
Alexis Lexis denmark
gabbi logi (9 months ago)
i was lowkey looking at them hooters when you said eyes up here
Iolo Edwards (9 months ago)
I'm just impressed how the clothes are organised in a colour gradient
6‘6 what kind of giant are you
Wiek van Venetië (9 months ago)
"Good deals" lmao it was all shit you got for free for ridiculous prices
Ebbe Holm (9 months ago)
Maybe youre sweaty because you wear 2 fucking T-shirt's you dumb fuck
Kelly Benjamin (9 months ago)
you prolly coulda mentioned the gym b
Max Moscaliov (9 months ago)
anyone from Atlanta?
Reilly Dansby (9 months ago)
Bump is just shitty Depop.
D El G (9 months ago)
Bro got a hooters T-shirt hahahaha epic
thomas berkey (9 months ago)
where do you get your wife beaters from? i can never find any that like actually fit or that are good enough quality
Vincent (9 months ago)
can someone please tell me the name of the beat in the background
WOLFCHAINZ2 (9 months ago)
Megnis no fair u were built 4 da fashionz 😡😡😡😡😡
plastikk (9 months ago)
Can someone link me where to buy belt chain and key rings etc
Erik H (9 months ago)
plastikk buy keychains
Florian Thys (9 months ago)
Anyone that knows where his belt is from?
Hey magnoose. I followed you steps and copped a box logo shirt, Beige trousers and yeethy. I put it on but don’t look fly as fuck. Halp.
M4RCT4STIC (9 months ago)
Done loading Bump👍🏻
RéSean Russell (9 months ago)
honestly where you're standing makes the background look like a greenscreen
Clarke (9 months ago)
Niccolo Carcereny (9 months ago)
either its grailed or its others
Ed Flitton (9 months ago)
You going to make a vid for “How to ALWAYS look good out of clothes”?
nilfernandez (9 months ago)
don't want to be rude but, this video is boring.
Aesthetic Athletic (9 months ago)
that hooter shirt is mad fyeeeee
KussyPilla (9 months ago)
magnoos u sellout
Jørgen Mejland Hansen (9 months ago)
mracooos u sellout
jaja (9 months ago)
S E L L O U T .
charlie robinson (9 months ago)
Sell out
Quintin Vasquez (9 months ago)
Nigga has evolved sponsorships and ad in the middle #swag
Alex Henderson (9 months ago)
How do i do this without daddy's wallet?
David Denes (9 months ago)
210180HKIS (9 months ago)
take a shot everytime he says shit
Mike Michael (9 months ago)
Your outfit trash bro
Mikkel Krogh (9 months ago)
Marko R (9 months ago)
soo no one selling on grailed anymore :/?
jordan spagnolo (9 months ago)
more videos like this pls helped heaps
baddemannors (9 months ago)
shots every time magnus says 'statement piece'
butter milk (9 months ago)
Kovaa kamaa
Aaron Miller (9 months ago)
Hooters? Nigga what
N. Desta (9 months ago)
What is the instrumental in the background?
Zackery Fincher (9 months ago)
404 rep
Michael Cottrell (9 months ago)
Pyramid Never (9 months ago)
Breh Magnus you a cool dude n all but your content is sooooo flat my man. You need energy or atleast one thing in each video that is genuinely useful/informational. I'm not tryna shit on your shit, but damn nigga.
CURLY (9 months ago)
Why is his accent so hot am i the only one
epic gamer 1000 (9 months ago)
Suck my rock
Wolf (9 months ago)
Step 1: Buy Supreme Step 2: Sub to BLazeNdARy Step 3: Done.
Brock T. K (9 months ago)
Hey Magnus, fuck you
Madelin Vasquez (9 months ago)
Is this depop?
Monk Killedababy (9 months ago)
I have way too many statement pieces and I’ve never really filled out all my accessories or basics... so my wardrobe is straight up weird, tbh. It’s nice, but it’s very hard to dress properly atm.
Erin (9 months ago)
Lmao people in Europe think hooters is a fashion trend
WeiChang (9 months ago)
Snald (9 months ago)
Shut up normie I’ll wear my off white industrial belt with a Gucci shirt to look #hype af 🔥 freshman year coming up 😎
Brandon Brando (9 months ago)
Sounds familiar to another app, I don’t remember the app but sounds very familiar.
Fusion Zucco (9 months ago)
Is it weird I wanna buy his clothes off bump just cause ik he’s worn them?
stinky (9 months ago)
Why would I use Bump when I could just use Grailed, Magnus
Chris Chris (9 months ago)
lol is this a joke? who would take styling tips from you? google what this dyke wore to PAQ BDY finalist competition
Legal Gene (9 months ago)
I can tell you love cloves
Joshua White (9 months ago)
This is literally me
Teddy Rainson (9 months ago)
All of them looks so unique and good looking. I can not wait to add the blue shirt on my closet!!
Charlie Barnes (9 months ago)
magnus stop doing drugs you slur your words in every video now
Jaime Gil (9 months ago)
sell out
F L A C O (9 months ago)
I want that raf shirt more than I want pussy
akirameta (9 months ago)
You say "essentially" quite often.
Shannon Sharpe (9 months ago)
Magnus make a vid about just pants
Yoan Dim (9 months ago)
Lol what’s AnDrOiD?
cars and sneakers (9 months ago)
How good yall think Bump will stack up towards Grailed?
indiyaaasss (9 months ago)
id on the belt ????
Emmanuel Adebayor (9 months ago)
thank you for your advice magnus
Hash slinging Slasher (9 months ago)
How much did kofi pay you for this

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