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Text Comments (17400)
David Martinez (5 hours ago)
Song man stop copying videos
David Martinez (5 hours ago)
Stop copying videos copying cater
IPG (1 day ago)
It’s weird to think that this song blew up 4 years ago, it seemed like yesterday when every radio station played this song.
Emma Kate Lewanski (2 days ago)
U are rude 😡😡
Ayu wulan Ayu (2 days ago)
Shamm.... Pooooo hahha
Daniella Karan (3 days ago)
"Can I least smell your panties babe?" Lol that always crack me up.
Wyatt K. (4 days ago)
is that the inflatable girl from The Office at the start, just with clothes on? I know it's not JUST from the office, but it reminded me of it.
Jason Ransbottom (4 days ago)
Now you're making fun of the people who sing rude
Laybah Khurram (4 days ago)
Stalker and stalkee😂😂😂
Stak Humatnum (6 days ago)
that was awesome on so many levels
“Creepy stalkers have rights too”. I died 😂😂
Winnie The Cat (10 days ago)
The ROBLOX Gamer (10 days ago)
When it’s Sham I was like wha Then it said pooooooooooo and I was like Sham Poo oh shampoo
Ben Willerth (10 days ago)
Bart Baker do a shut up and dance or a never gonna give you up parody
Venice Betty (11 days ago)
The song was good but you got Bob Marley and our accent and language wrong
Bella Story-taku19 (12 days ago)
This is quite a yandere song!!
This is messed up but kinda funny
Ragnar Lothbrock (12 days ago)
,,Crappy fake reggae one hit wonders aren't my daughter's type" Damn he ended that guys career with that line.
Witek Witkowski (12 days ago)
general property (12 days ago)
this one is sad because this song is really good but the parody is also really good :(
Raghavendra Singh (13 days ago)
Is that sage at 2.45 lol
Dakota Thompson (13 days ago)
Bob Marley (2/6/1945-5/11/1981)
Dakota Thompson (13 days ago)
Bob Marley had died exactly 20 years before I was even born.
Dakota Thompson (13 days ago)
My favorite part was "If you come back, I will fill you full of lead!"
Jeremy Wadsley (13 days ago)
A great way to end up on the sex offender registry.
Shad Miles (14 days ago)
21st century: “I’m your daughters stalker can I make her my wife?” “No!” 19th Century: “I’m your daughters stalker can I make her my wife?” “How rich are you?”
Gabrielle Schurig (17 days ago)
David goverfeild?!?!!
Matt Playz Like A PRO (13 days ago)
When you really need to 1:07 BTW I was actually doing that when I wrote this comment 🤣
streamer fusion tv (19 days ago)
Creepy stalkers have rights to
David Thomson (21 days ago)
"creepy stalkers have rights too" wtf am I watching?! 🤣🤣🤣
Nazli & Aliyah (22 days ago)
Wtf am I watching
King Fiz (23 days ago)
Lol go to hell asshole aftr he replied
GriammmYT (23 days ago)
2:19 When u fall asleep in the bathtub. Than get kidnapped by your psycho basement neighbor and placed in a yard. But cos he hates you. He doesent give a sofa.
GriammmYT (23 days ago)
2:16 Ok Stalkeee rlly screwed up now. Damn son. That a cool shotgun. I wonder what happens if u aim at Stalkee and pull trigger. I rlly wonder
GriammmYT (23 days ago)
1:56 And it was than stalkee realized. He done screwed up
GriammmYT (23 days ago)
1:10 Add that dance to Fortnite
Kawaii Lhamo (24 days ago)
Isn’t the girl a viner???
joel silva (25 days ago)
Stalker's for life
Arthanarisami L (25 days ago)
0:45 Imma dying
Bunta Fugiwara (26 days ago)
Of you come back I WILL FILL YOU FULL OF LEAD XD not really
Ben Willerth (27 days ago)
The dad looks like mitt Romney
Lime Eirfan (27 days ago)
Now it's ruder than ever.
Sub to get LiGMa (28 days ago)
Producer: How much auto tune do you want? Bart: YES
jayden Serrano (29 days ago)
Pause at 1:08 NEW MEME
Nevaeh t Futrell (29 days ago)
Bob Marley does not smoke because he was a hippie,a lover of peace!And he is my favorite singer!!
Ace The Not So Great (29 days ago)
2:17 Everyone after Bill Cosby gives them a drink
Milan diu (29 days ago)
How the hell did I get nude 😂😂😂am dead
Rafi Kusuma (1 month ago)
This like psycho in first
Kpop Gamer (1 month ago)
0:27-0:47 is my favorite part, made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
The blue box (1 month ago)
Rude was actually a good song...
Chloe Alexa (1 month ago)
How did I never notice Romeo Lacoste 😂
Anderson Do (1 month ago)
1:02 Sharm - Pooooooooooooo
John R (1 month ago)
This dudes hilarious
Twiggy the Torterra (1 month ago)
“Time to change this old man’s tude!” “What the hell?!?” “With my magic Marley doob!” *blows magic smoke* “My daughter is all yours dude!” 😂
Corn Hub (1 month ago)
Lol she got big tits he said
Gaylord Robinson (1 month ago)
How come the only girl who's actually a guy (besides Selena) is played by a girl but all the actual girls are played by guys?
SHAM-POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOL that was funny Stalker dude wanted to Marry a guy lol You know, I don’t blame him, she is pretty not gonna lie Oh and is he on drugs?
Pinkbrianator (1 month ago)
I love this song and also the parody
mikayla (1 month ago)
0:21 *license plate* "I LUV ANL"
Randomness (1 month ago)
He should really use Shamp POOOOOOOOOOOOO
"OMG her dad is soooo ridee" He should use shampoooooo EWWWW mate I'm actually a dood lol so that he beacme GAY!?!!!??
Zechariah Perry (1 month ago)
1:53 da best
spyjon7066 (1 month ago)
“Time to change this old man’s tude With my magic Marley doob” Cracks me up every time.
Brianna Elzeer (1 month ago)
HE should really use SHAM POOOOOOOO LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brianna Elzeer (1 month ago)
Girl: One thing before you kiss me I am a actually a dude! Guy: WHAT!
Yuju Asakura (1 month ago)
*Omg her dad's so rude... Creepy stalkers have rights to...😂*
p e a c h (1 month ago)
Use fucking shampoo mate
Rejoice _theAlpahxxx (1 month ago)
Bart: Hello my sweet heart! Girl: Ew No! It u stalker! Me (protective daughter): Mum internet gone down, Who are u! Bart: Your father Me: DAD there a stranger talking to mum! Like seriously Dad: I told u asshole get lost! Mum: yea bitch! Me: (kicked he ass, shut door) well that asshole gone! Bob Marley: that how to kick a ass, man Me: A GIRL (kick he ass and push him)
Holo Sav (1 month ago)
3:12 and that is how black panther was made
Josiah Richards (1 month ago)
Stalker and stalkee ah dead lol
uni-love155 345 (1 month ago)
Brittany is soooooo pretty
Tessa Hieatt (1 month ago)
This is one of my favourite Bart Baker parodies
Molten Freddy (1 month ago)
Tough luck, my friend but the answer is no!
Is it just me or does the dad sound like Carter from family guy?
Grace B (1 month ago)
lps Roses (1 month ago)
I like his dance moves the stoker
lps Roses (1 month ago)
Good video
Joy Arcay (1 month ago)
you are bad😂😂😂😂😂
fug itt (1 month ago)
Ok so we just gonna ignore what the cars license says...ok
Joy Arcay (1 month ago)
Jessica Godinez (1 month ago)
2:36 "what the hell?!" 😂😂😂😂
K Baby245 (1 month ago)
Dod waht
TheLingo Plays (1 month ago)
David copperfield- I am actually a dude. Greatest trick of all time 🤣
Kurt Willie Guevarra (1 month ago)
Anyone (2019) ???
yizhe hean (1 month ago)
That Reggae:SHE'LL BE MY WIFE Me:too bad you stink That girl's boyfriend:crazy asshole that doesn't have a testicle
yizhe hean (1 month ago)
That reggae stalked her for almost 5 months
PotatoChipGamer Plays (1 month ago)
“Creepy Stalkers have rights too.” -Bart Baker, 2014
Bradon Christian (1 month ago)
Almost as bad as the original
•Bounty CraSheR• (1 month ago)
2:55 *Its a trap!*
Suicidal Potato (1 month ago)
0:27 there is a blue guy singing as well
BotwFan! (1 month ago)
why do I keep watching his over and over again
Tank Q (1 month ago)
girls rule (1 month ago)
do not ever do that to bob Marley that is mean that you did that I am disliking this because of that
Sesil Çakmak (1 month ago)
Brittany Furlan’a bak aq mal Bart Baker’ın videosunda oynamış mal! Şeytan bart baker
Sesil Çakmak (1 month ago)
Daniel Hayes ne diyosun lan!
Daniel Hayes (1 month ago)
Sesil Çakmak get a life it’s a joke
Elex99 - (1 month ago)
Renz and Ryan (1 month ago)
Omg her dad so rude,im a creepy stalker too,thats why im crying dude,cause this marly doob is killing me
Taylor McKensy (1 month ago)
Did the dad ever get his cake?
Rejoice _theAlpahxxx (2 months ago)
"He really need to use sham....pooooooo" That means he need to use shampoo inside is 💩 OMG hilarious!!! LOL😂😂😂
Ryan Wood (2 months ago)
meoosoke- Jwjkeejdidid oreo kepa- ekin: kessel

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