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Download Poshmark: https://pshmrk.app.link/wHmvw4QkjL Shop my closet: @AMIMCC Buy or sell Fashion This video packed with so much funny... the girls aren't scared of the Easter bunny, and then they are... and then we visit Old Navy to shop, but the girls want to buy 24 items, luckily they pick the right size: 5T Mama gives them 4 items to pick from, they try them on, and decide what clothes they want to purchase... and guess what...THEY PICK DIFFERENT CLOTHES. They are twins, but don't always dress the same. Lastly, the girls help Dad with some clothes. Mom is adamant that he needs to get rid of his "dad pants", but Dad thinks his grey "dad pants" help him be the Hugh Hefner of YouTube. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - Help us reach 1M! CONNECT: IG: @mccluretwins, @jkmcclure, @just_aminat FB: @mccluretwins @thediscoverytwins EMAIL: [email protected] FAN MAIL: 623 Eagle Rock Ave #345 West Orange, NJ 07052 All videos produced, directed, edited by Ami & Justin McClure.
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