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8 Flawless Skin Secrets from Asian Women

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Everyone who has been to East Asia at least once has noticed the amazing ability Asian women have to stay younger for longer than European women can. Countless numbers of them look much younger than their years — at 40 they might look to be about 20. Some call their youthful looks a gift of nature. Of course, genes play a huge role here but the most important factor is everyday care. Here are some of their secrets that will help you keep your skin looking gorgeous for many years to come. We at Bright Side guarantee that adding them to your daily beauty regimen will have you looking like you’ve just had a spa treatment. TIMESTAMPS: The "4-2-4″ method 0:30 Use a Konjac sponge 1:00 Give your face a thorough cleanse once a week 1:30 Protect your face from the ultraviolet light all year round 2:07 Use rice water to make your skin look beautiful 2:38 Add mint and green tea to your cosmetic products 3:07 Turn products into a foam before applying them to your face 3:36 Apply masks to achieve fair and flawless skin 4:08 #asianwomen #skincare #howtolookyoung SUMMARY: - Asian women apply hydrophilic oil to the face for four minutes and then use a purifying cream for two minutes. Once this is done, they spend another four minutes rinsing their skin with water. - To clean your skin very carefully, you can use a special konjac sponge — this is a sponge that has been produced from the roots of the Konjac plant. - All specialist beauty products should be applied in the following way: first, apply those products with a light texture, then the ones that are heavier, and finally the thickest creams and emulsions. - Have you ever noticed that Japanese girls often wear dark glasses or carry umbrellas even when it’s not sunny? It’s an effective way to protect the skin against those rays from the Sun that can affect us even on an overcast day. - For centuries, women in Asia used rice water to enhance the beauty of their skin and hair. Wash your face regularly with rice water to make your skin soft and pliable and improve its color and tone. - Mint and green tea are permanent elements of Asian women’s arsenals for caring for their skin. These products are contained in various face masks, anti-aging creams, emulsions, oils, and infusions. - Many women in Asia avoid rubbing cosmetic products directly into their skin. Instead, they apply them in light dabs, which helps strengthen the blood flow to the skin and, in turn, strengthens restorative processes and helps with rejuvenation. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (285)
Faiza Abiha (1 month ago)
Am I the only Asian who has acne??
Saima Shaukat (4 months ago)
Who else is Asian 😎❤️
Aeonaiah -el (1 year ago)
I'm asian(filipina) don't know all this. I'm 37 always mistaken 25. My mom is 60 we're 9 siblings and she looks like in mid 40's. Maybe just in genes.
Aanni Wu (1 year ago)
MintyMiku (1 year ago)
I think this is for Chinese, Korean and Japanese. I'm south east Asian and my skin isn't that flawless :(
Alay bello (1 year ago)
MintyMiku same girl
물검은 (1 year ago)
Because Asians are interested in beauty and strive to be beautiful, they look more young than Westerners.
claudia clamicca (1 year ago)
I'm asian and I don't know LOL
Liya (1 year ago)
i'm asian and i've never done one of these
Just another Potato (1 year ago)
I'm Eastern Asian and I don't do all these, but my skin is still in good condition
nivE (1 year ago)
Many korean woman do this
Nurrelawani Abas (1 year ago)
I'm Asian. I just drink a lot of water, eat a healthy food, jogging and smile a lot.
Love Music (1 year ago)
When you don't have all the products to make the masks...
bleeka325 (1 year ago)
The secret is be born with more melanin lol
kyra henderson (1 year ago)
I guess im a bad asian i never knew all this thing except for no. 2
rebs18_02 Heavns (1 year ago)
Did you just refer this to East Asia because if you are then I'm dissapointed in you Bright Side .
Just a Potato (1 year ago)
But I'm 13 and Asian and I have wrinkles under my eyes already 😂
Adlina Meirosa (1 year ago)
Asian and know konjac sponge from the other part of the earth
Axl Kwon Ji (1 year ago)
We jst inject collagen and vitamin C and drink beauty drink supplements evernite b4 bed and every morninh b4 bfast😂😂😂😂
Teenage Problems (1 year ago)
paivaiva (1 year ago)
lol, i'm an asian but i don't even know these secrets
Ngoc Le (1 year ago)
We look a bit younger not just bc of skin, but also our simple features of our face structure, eyes, nose, mouth comparing to the deep define eyes,etc of westerners. Edit: like Indians are also asians but media don't normally consider them "young for their age" bc their features are deeper like westerns. Not saying eastern Asians are better/more beautiful. Just saying that it's not just the skin, it's also the features of our face
Makeup Cloud (1 year ago)
As Asian, I don't do any routine in the video but still have good skin. Just find the cleaning product which fits you the best
Stella Ng (1 year ago)
I've been told I don't look like my age many times. I only do #1 and #5. Stay moisturized and use sunscreen. Can't imagine washing my face using the 4-2-4 method.
Susila Thapa (1 year ago)
who's Asian and don't know about these methods ???
Renza Canete (1 year ago)
JamlessJaebootyImOut (1 year ago)
Ain't no body got time for that!
Michael Carvalho (1 year ago)
Eighty percent of wrinkles are caused by the sun
sweetcorn (1 year ago)
I dont think any asians are doing most of those
KATE (1 year ago)
i think we look young because of the genes, nothing else. I never use any of these routines. LOL. heard of them for the first time.
trixter018 (1 year ago)
I don't do these routines. I only apply sunscreen and drink enough water.
Lenie Biasura (1 year ago)
I am Asian.. and what makes Asian look younger than others are we usually smile and laugh. we also eat more green veggies. also we don't take problem so emotionally. I am turning 30 and I am a mother of two beautiful kids. but most people won't believe me when I said I'm a mom and 30s.
Calissippi (1 year ago)
I laughed at this video. Most of these things are not common where I live, except the rice water and umbrella stuff.
Kiku ichimonji 2 (1 year ago)
would try these but cannot use half of the facial products because of how sensitive my skin is:(
As I'm a Cute Asian. . . This Triggers me
Mish Jelly (1 year ago)
who else is asian but don't know other asians' beauty secrets? 😂
Marilou Cabrigas (1 year ago)
sorry that's too much... I am 48 yrs old I don't use those..!! u r talking about Japanese females...
elianna m. (1 year ago)
rinsing your skin for 4 minutes won't do any better than rinsing for 1 minute. you shouldn't use the same sponge for a long time. they allow bacterial growth.
fab Jenny (1 year ago)
Who likes lizzza? Like this if it's a yeah
maimai (1 year ago)
how to get beautiful skin ●Drink water and eat healthy food like fruits and veggies and give up on those fatties food ●Wash your face with water as much as u can in one day to keep the skin clear from dust and dirt ●light makeup or no makeup at all ●wear sunscreen or spf even if it's winter because sun rays can go through clouds
Youna McGrath (1 year ago)
Who else is half Asian half Western?
Cherry's wife (1 year ago)
Most of these are korean skincare methods, they honestly have the best skin: so clean, poreless, dewy, healthy, but it's also because they eat healthy. T^T
Taylor Wang (1 year ago)
Nope lol.There are some Asians with the best skin like Japanese people and Indian
Alexandra Fernandez (1 year ago)
umm I don't know anybody asian who does those things (including me). I just wash my face with water haha but hey these are still some great tips (:
Wherearemyjamjams ? (26 days ago)
Alexandra Fernandez I do some of these because my mom tells me to
Lars's Wig (1 year ago)
There's a Youtuber called Wengie who is Asian, she's 32 but looks like a teenager. Who else knows her?
Dinah she is one of my favorite YouTubers
Keyra Skye (1 year ago)
Dinah me I love her
dramaticklee (1 year ago)
I'm An Asian #Filipina
P L (1 year ago)
I just stick to washing my face twice a day (morning & night), moisturizing, drink water and a restful night. Basic routine keeps my skin looking youthful ☺️
JaivenAnimations (1 year ago)
Im asian.....yup........
PPPastel Productions (1 year ago)
I am Asian
Latif Ahmad (1 year ago)
Nice Video 👌
Alice Bones (1 year ago)
For a product-free best results: Stay out of the sun and wear long sleeves/dresses or pants when you go into it, and carry an umbrella. Don't smoke, drink, or do drugs. Shower every day, do not scrub your face. Keep ragged ends of hair trimmed, (makes you look bad) sleep with soft sheets and wear 100% cotton. Sleep on your back to avoid your face being pulled in the night and to align your spinal column. Try to avoid stress where you can. Consume healthy foods- which means not processed.
Pushpa Sunwar (1 year ago)
Ain't nobody going to use my secrets to be like me
Kaitlyn Ho (1 year ago)
It's funny becuse my mom looks 20 as right now she is almost 50
Anthony the Filipino (1 year ago)
My mom never did any of this. 👩🏻‍💼 Btw I'm Filipino.
Ayyadana Akbar (1 year ago)
Actually, you dont need all of those things, you can just eat healthy food, drink enough water, and exercise frequently to keep you look "young". Dont forget to think positive and be happy.
Moonwalker 20 (1 year ago)
I'm Asian from Philippines but I'm brown
Flower Girl Ryza It's because you're tan, not "brown"
Gerly Cruz (1 year ago)
Flower Girl Ryza so am I but Kayumanggi you know not too white not to brown or you know also called "little brown"
MintyMiku (1 year ago)
I'm Malaysian, used to be brown and I stopped going out and I turned yellow xd
CATHOLIC THOT (1 year ago)
Nothing wrong with that
piti maulda (1 year ago)
me too. I'm from Indonesia and i'm brown
Cute Cupcake Dream (1 year ago)
baka nga alam nyo lang mga koreana at mga japanese lng ang mgan40 years old pero muhkang 20
Cute Cupcake Dream (1 year ago)
fidelis (1 year ago)
I don't think only asian women do these. Anyone who is smart enough does these.
Anna Kookie (1 year ago)
I'm Asian and I don't do this things😐😅
MiyuX (1 year ago)
I wish I was Asian, I already look like 50- I'm 11 (Well, not literally like 50 but I think I do)
Daniella Potts (1 year ago)
Mystyflo i wish i was asian too. im 12 tho
Kimberly Patton (1 year ago)
But I came here to find out about fixing my flip flop farmer tan....you lied to me...
Ikook Yourhope (1 year ago)
Kimberly Patton Well they kinda go through it at 4:13
Daniella Potts (1 year ago)
Kimberly Patton lol me to
lol (1 year ago)
use this use that. Eat good healthy food, that's all you need.
Jameysgirl14 * (1 year ago)
Can someone tell us what the 17 facial products that are used for the weekly facial? Thanks. appreciate it....
blondegamerguy (1 year ago)
Asian girls are hot. Love them <3
Din l (1 year ago)
I'm 32 yo and an Asian never did the things on the list unless for rice water or rice traditional masker. and about umbrella, I even work at yard
Artoria Pendragon (1 year ago)
Dini Lee Effendy well where do you live? If you're not in Asia you probably don't do those things
UniquelyAlexis (1 year ago)
2:33 what if you're african american? lol the sun loves our skin.
Uniquely Alexis ikr
Genmaichi (1 year ago)
Uniquely Alexis No, women start wrinkling at around 25, you will slowly see them get older. For men it is different they get wrinkles at a certain age all at once almost.
UniquelyAlexis (1 year ago)
Genmaichi True. But I think the wrinkling stage doesn't start till you're at an older age. And besides its gonna be wierd saying that a brown skin can get skin burn. not everyone is the same. lol
Genmaichi (1 year ago)
Uniquely Alexis You will also get wrinkle if you get too many UV rays. But I do think you need more sunlight to get all of your Vitamin D or else you will get light brown patches instead of a even skintone🤔
Shayla Witcher (1 year ago)
Uniquely Alexis ikr!!!
Annie Tan (1 year ago)
Friendly reminder: sunscreen doesn't prevent you from being tanned, it only prevents you from UV rays and being sunburnt; sunblock blocks all the sunlight, preventing you from being tanned, but it also prevents your skin from absorbing vitamin D, which is essential for helping your body to absorb calcium.
Hanh Tran (1 year ago)
Internet Stranger that's y we Asians use sunscreen and wear long sleeves clothes, hat umbrella etc to prevent us from getting tanned. We do sunbathing as well to strengthen our bones but it has to be early sunshine when it is not so harsh( less uv light) usually 8-9 in the morning.
angie awx (1 year ago)
9 out of 10 people will call this video racist...... or untrue
Aditi (1 year ago)
angie awx Because it is untrue.
Acedia Venentrum (1 year ago)
Who else is Asian but doesn't do these?
Tazrian Tithi (1 year ago)
meee! don't know which Asia I belong to know none of these !
Melody_Stars (1 year ago)
I watched this just to be like 'nope I don't do that'
Sylvie Westwood (1 year ago)
estela fangirl me
Winnie Liang (1 year ago)
estela fangirl me it's just the way we are
lygophile (1 year ago)
here's some real beauty tips that work way better than any of this: * don't tan. it tires the skin. * eat healthy. your skin looks much better if it's healthy. by that i mean, just avoid junk and eat varied stuff. it's not that hard. * be nice. be kind. be friendly. people will see you positively if they think positively of you. * habitually smile a little. just a little. a friendly smile. doesn't have to be a happy smile. * look people in the eyes, a little.
ladyshadow fury (1 year ago)
I'm asian but i don't do much of these routines. Just basic things like cleansing and moisturizing.. I think the key to youthful looking skin is wear less make up or never wear at all. Asian women wear less make up .. Western women love heavy make up and that leads to pre-ageing process. One thing more western do, they love sun-bathe and most asian don't, they want to keep their skin tone as fair as possible..not to mention most of asian products are whitening products and sun protection stuff. I'm not being racist here, I'm just telling what I observed.. like Americans want to get tanned while most of the asian want fair skin..🤔🙄
Cindy Zhang (1 year ago)
It's absolutely two important reasons, two big different habit. makeup and bad skincare products will make skin worse. In China, it's forbidden to wear makeup in school. They generally start to wear makeup when they start to work. Now I don't wear makeup most of time. I choose skincare product and treat my skin and health very carefully. ultraviolet ray is a big enemy. I don't use sunscreen which I think bad for skin. I use long sleeve clothes, long pants, hat, scarf, gloves, facial glass cover when I go out at day time. I only go out without any protection at day time around sunrise and sunset. and only wear skirt or short sleeve shirt and pants when the sunlight is not strong, such as sunrise and sunset time, rainy day, cloudy day, at night. I carry an ultraviolet ray test card with me and use it to test how strong the ultraviolet ray is and decide what to wear to go outside, when I can go outside without protection or which place is safe enough. Be exposed in sunshine and getting tanned on beach is not what I do but what I avoid. the strong sunlight is horrible for me. Now I never go to beach when the light is strong but go there around sunrise and sunset or when it's dark.
ladyshadow fury (1 year ago)
K. Zellie Hall oh yeah white americans .. thanks for correcting me 😁
K. Zellie Hall (1 year ago)
ladyshadow fury More white American, not people of color.
John Baptiste (1 year ago)
but at 60 they go zero to a hundred
John Baptiste real quick
Trover19 (1 year ago)
I live in an Asian household and I've never heard of these products, besides rice water. Every Asian knows rice!
gslee 03 (1 year ago)
WHY U SPILL OUR ASIAN SECRETS jk idk where u got this info from we dont do this (well im korean so idk bout u)
gslee 03 (1 year ago)
Yas us asian woman r da best XD
Julia Brooks (1 year ago)
people tell me my skin is amazing and easy to put face paint and makeup on. I don't even do anything special
G Tay (1 year ago)
Rubbish.. my wife is Thai and she does look young for her age , but she only covers her skin in the sun & uses spf 50 when going out. All of her friends are the same, look much younger for their age and use just do the same for skin protection.
Alexia Rhydian (1 year ago)
who else is black and is like, do have stuff for our hair and skin?
Larry is real af (1 year ago)
Jhanee Akirah Johnson ... skincare can be used for any person
cindy williams (1 year ago)
asian women do NOT do all these things to look younger! i have always been told i look younger than i am. i think it mainly has to do with good genes, a healthy lifestyle and good diet/nutrition. i do not use so many products for my face and i haven't used spf like i should have when i was younger.
Retro Gamer (1 year ago)
stay out of the sun and eat healthy. lols.
Andy (1 year ago)
My mom is Asian and has flawless skin so when we go out in public people kept saying to her that I'm her brother or something even when she is 50! xD
Louis Y (1 year ago)
No Asian I know use this bs 4-2-4. This is one of the most BS tip
Deadpool (1 year ago)
im hispanic and have a feeling this will break me out instead xD
Alexandra Jibito (1 year ago)
what about the fact that asian women use a lot of surgery and botox to look younger , like in korea where korean literly change their entire face 😀😄😂
DonMario Gaming (1 year ago)
i will subscride back everyone who subscride to me and who like the comment
Dena-Alba Alba-Dena (1 year ago)
conclusion: spend 1 or 2 hours on your skin daily to be perfect
Dina Ivanna (1 year ago)
91st comment! YAAAAAHHHH
Михаил (1 year ago)
they just dont wanna look dark maybe..?
So Yuan (1 year ago)
I'm Asian but I don't do these things..
N B Raghu (1 year ago)
So Yuan because u r already beautiful
Bonnie Chung (1 year ago)
It is all about DNA. Hope this save you all the chores you think all the Asians are doing. We don't.
Queen.of.Queer (1 year ago)
Is nobody gonna talk about how their perception of "Asian" is just Eastern Asia?
suem sueley (1 year ago)
it annoys me so much...they only mean the area of china, korea, japan and vietnam...like can they just include india or thailand or the WHOLE asia since good skin is not smth eastern asians invented man....
Aditi (1 year ago)
GoddessOfCuteness Some channels refer to Asia as a "country", so this is better than that I suppose.
piti maulda (1 year ago)
yes, i hate it.
Gram T (1 year ago)
+GoddessOfCuteness well I'm not surprised. I've had friends who think Indians aren't Asians. One even told me that Indians are more Europeans than Asians. talk about stupidity because of denial.
GreenLeiprechan (1 year ago)
Number five is not really good for your health tho! It prevents you to have your vitamin D!! careful. p.s. A leprechaun is not suppose to know this, shhhh!
143,544 views (1 year ago)
Please make a video on 'Types of breathing problems'.. And really your contents are AWESOME.. #LIFEGURU
It'sMe Maya (1 year ago)
Lutfiyya Timol (1 year ago)
What is Hydrophilic Oil?
Hanh Tran (1 year ago)
Lutfiyya Timol its oil based cleanser. The oil-based cleanser is used to remove oil-based impurities, including sebum, sunscreen and makeup
fionavirginia (1 year ago)
I'm a 42 year old Asian who gets told constantly that I look way younger than my age and I don't do these routines in depth although I do take care of my skin and wear spf all the time. I have many Asian friends who don't really take care of their skin but still look younger than their age. We just do, it's just the way it is.
Marta Sosa (1 year ago)
Thanks!! so, it's just genetics, I won't waste my time trying these complex routines 😊
seul kiey (1 year ago)
wow you're so prettyyy! (based on your profile picture) :)
Mary Joy Luna (1 year ago)
fionavirginia i know right
fionavirginia (1 year ago)
suem sueley I too know Asians who don't look younger, but in my opinion, in general, Asians do look younger than their age. I was born and grew up in Asia and lived for a decade in a western country, the majority of Asians, whether they are Asian Asians or Asian who are born in non-Asia countries tend to look younger than their age. It's got little to do with whether their skin is flawless/ not. I don't have perfect skin. AndI know a lot of my Asian friends who smoke and have terrible skin but still get told that they look younger than their age. My point is, Asian women don't necessarily do all the things the video says we do that make us look younger. Have a great day.
fionavirginia (1 year ago)
suem sueley I never consider myself special just because I get told I look younger than my age constantly. Like I said above, Asians (in general) do look younger naturally. I don't go out of my way to look younger.
Zuhreh Kamgar (1 year ago)
My friend is Asian am I the only one that has one. no? ok only me ( '_')
watermelon bubblegum (1 year ago)
am I the only asian who looks older than I actually am?
Gigi Tan (7 months ago)
I seriously look five years older. And I’m not proud of it
A weird one (1 year ago)
watermelon bubblegum me, But I'm 12 and I look 14-15
Katana_Seo Ok_please (1 year ago)
watermelon bubblegum same
SinbSoojin (1 year ago)
watermelon bubblegum meee
rebecca (1 year ago)
watermelon bubblegum *sigh* nope im always told i look older than my age...since elementary school to college lol i always look 3 years older than my actual age.
hey I'm a Asian
Clash_ Fearless (1 year ago)
it's reallllly good
Tushar Kanwaria (1 year ago)
Roses are red Sky is blue There's always an asian Better than you
Saima Shaukat (4 months ago)
+It's Ara Xø Xø How rude! 🙄 100% Truth : There's always an Asian better than a brazilian.... Moral: What goes around comes around OOOHHH ROASTED 😎😎
JiEun Han (1 year ago)
Awe thank you
ŅøøŘ Giuliana (1 year ago)
Talk about yourself
It's Ara Xø Xø (1 year ago)
there's always Brazilian better than Asian
aqeela hussain 7332 (1 year ago)
i love bright side

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