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More than funny | Michael Jr. | TEDxUniversityofNevada

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With comedy, you not only laugh but you also gain understanding in a unique way. Comedy has a setup and then a punch line. The setup moves the audience in one direction-toward what is expected. The punch line occurs when you change direction and take the audience to the unexpected. This same process can be applied to life. Comedian Michael Jr. shows how to take your life's setups and then change direction in a way that brings fulfillment, revelation, and joy not only to you but also to those around you. Once in a generation, a comedian comes along who speaks to everyone. Today, that comedian is known simply as Michael Jr. Watch him onstage and you’ll see a man at ease…with himself, his audience, and his message. Listen to his voice and you’ll detect a comfortable, conversational style that hides a sly sense of mischief. Hear his words and you’ll laugh at the universal themes that connect us all. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Victor Johnson (3 hours ago)
Finally a CLEAN comedian! They do exist. Loved it!!! Great job!👊😉
voltio herrera (1 day ago)
I think this is one of the best ted talks I ever seen not only he made me laugh but got me thinking ..so inspirational
Don Davidson (2 days ago)
Comedian?? OR Preacher??? Comedy with a message. Just as much message with the comedy. GREAT BALANCE.
Cam Kasmiersky (2 days ago)
Unbelievably creative
Charlie Wilson (3 days ago)
Tall Dave (4 days ago)
This guy is awesome....
LadyMcN (4 days ago)
Shared! I didn't watch this but listened to it as I hauled my obese body around on my weekly 5K. Michael Jr is a great exercise companion. It's a fine thing to laugh while you're pushing yourselves to your limit.
Raphael Meade (6 days ago)
Sungod_Da_Don (6 days ago)
That tanner joke took me a while 😂😂
metsing malebo (7 days ago)
emanuel deadwyler (7 days ago)
That was the most simplest yet profound display. And yes; he was funny.
Abel Orona (8 days ago)
God sent message
Angela Fitch (8 days ago)
pretty good information.
Ed Monix (9 days ago)
Lol well I was conceived in Michigan but before that I was with my dad.
King Savvy Baby (10 days ago)
Lee Mack (10 days ago)
GRACE... makes the shape and shade the metaphor; empty space, information erased? Secrets. Letters without tone. Morning.
LCarefortheworld (11 days ago)
Wow, inspirational!
truth betold (12 days ago)
Michael gives a very good lesson What a great guy . he is very funny lol One of my favorite jokes by him is the one he does about Los Angeles' water .And how it seems to not be Having any ill effects on him and then he repeats himself ....That's one of my favorite jokes of all time
Sammy JayJay (12 days ago)
he's good
Pete Jefferson (14 days ago)
Outstanding talk.
Craig Parrott (14 days ago)
I use this video in my 8th grade class every year, although I play 4:00-6:20ish and skip to 11:53 to the end to save time. Thank you so much for posting and for keeping it funny and clean. Your a master at what you do!
Michael Nilsen (14 days ago)
I'm just playing, I don't see em....lol
deborah bwye (14 days ago)
Wow that was brilliant
Tom K. (16 days ago)
Wow! How many times have you been impressed with a TED Talk, certain it's going to help you make a major change in your life... and then two days later you have completely forgotten it? Me, too! But this one is almost... pure in its simplicity and the clarity of its metaphor. Joy is what happens while you're doing something else. Fulfillment is what happens when you're lost in using your setup to give to other people.
George George (16 days ago)
I have no punch line, no set up. I'm a human being not a joke neither a story. I do appreciate the selling point and the speaker. Most enjoyable. (however unlike most commentators I am not a conformist ,so..yeah, sorry not to be conforming to the metaphors used).
Kathleen Jasinski (18 days ago)
ALWAYS LEARNING (19 days ago)
lol lol im done that red light joke floored me
Robert Cherry (20 days ago)
Robert Bailey (20 days ago)
Amazing!!! Thank you Michael Jr. An amazing thinker, An amazing doer, an amazing speaker, an amazing comedian. Thanks for the teaching.
Grand Pa (21 days ago)
Awesome dude.🙏👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💫💫💫🤙🤙🤙
Charles Darwin (21 days ago)
As of this writing, there were 688 people who apparently did not like this talk. Clearly, it was too deep; clearly, for their tiny little brains they did not grasp the message; clearly, their world is not reachable and so this very fine and inspirational message is completely lost on them. Who are these pathetic people?
trent mullins (23 days ago)
You touched me bro !
Video Shelf (24 days ago)
Simply the best TED Talk ever!
Theodomir Rwabagaro (27 days ago)
It takes intelligence, wisdom, and skills to convey powerful inspirational messages through comedy. Thank you Sir!
78tag (28 days ago)
Wow - that was awesome!
ron kennington (29 days ago)
Thank you for inspirational clean comedy. Thank you for mentioning that you pray. Much of the so-called comedy nowadays is godless and elicits a laugh because of shock value only. You are an exception to the rule.God bless you.
Curtis Meredith (29 days ago)
Love this!
Um, wow, this just changed the way to look at everything.... What a great Talk!
Tim Sisco (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for that talk. Your final part about needing to find your punchline really opened my eyes!
John Arceneaux (1 month ago)
54 and just started living because of this message..
I haven't heard of this man previously to watching this but I'm super thankful for people like him.
asad ali (1 month ago)
Peter Surdo (1 month ago)
I came here completely by accident. I'm glad I did. Excellent.
jamesblunt006 (1 month ago)
So what happened on that stage with the CEO??
78tag (28 days ago)
Some psycho trick I didn't get.
hillsmen (1 month ago)
Wonderful stuff
John Bates Childress (1 month ago)
This is great! It is all entertaining, but the gold comes at 14:00. Life - or your career - is not about getting, it's about giving, about providing value. (Thank you Michael Jr.)
nttea (1 month ago)
Guys he's saying your life is a joke.
Joel Wateres-muddy (1 month ago)
Incredible clean philosophy
Emmanuel Bisimwa (1 month ago)
zee dlomo (1 month ago)
Who was still waiting for the CEO punchline even after he brought it up a second time?? Lmao!
DrinkMoWater (1 month ago)
Ioved the fact he got a family a van for their transportation and first saw him I've at a IocaI church God is Great
Raf Dc (1 month ago)
This is the meaning of life
Det3ctive Conan (1 month ago)
Hilarious! He went to Mexico and everyone said "AMIGO". 😁
Mountain Eagle (1 month ago)
"get up dude! You too''🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Charlie King (1 month ago)
Gmail Account (1 month ago)
What if somebody axed you a question. He said this three times. Why? I'm german. Someone pls explain. Thanks.
78tag (28 days ago)
...mildly funny but you got a few people to bite.
Gmail Account (1 month ago)
@potemkin _ but when a lumberjack was saying 'he wants to axe you' i would run.
potemkin _ (1 month ago)
@Gmail Account "ask" is the only problem i think. I also dont think its such a big problem that school would want to fix it
Gmail Account (1 month ago)
@potemkin _ Do they also have a problem with 'basket' or 'task' or 'mask' or is 'ask' the only problem for them ? And why are they not corrected in school ?
potemkin _ (1 month ago)
tbh for some people with certain accents "asked" is kinda difficulty to naturally and quickly say so it gets turned into "axed".
Teddy Collier (1 month ago)
Mike is almost awful.
unknown unknown (1 month ago)
I thought TED talks had a different purpose...they aren't mean to be jobs for comedians...right?
78tag (28 days ago)
..you didn't get it did you?
Kamal Reads (1 month ago)
Great talk and lessons.
Nichole Grandbouche (1 month ago)
16:41 This is where the video does it for me
Michael Metz (1 month ago)
Absolutely powerful. Especially when you identified the twist and linked it to everyone listening applying it to our lives. Blessings to you.
fnu lnu (1 month ago)
Best speaker and comedian Ive ever heard
hischam khan (1 month ago)
Awesome comedian! Effortlessly funny. 👌
Mearyeaurng (1 month ago)
Love it, Michael Jr.
My Part (1 month ago)
Best TED talk
Pal (1 month ago)
I would have laughed at this when I was 14.
J J (1 month ago)
I was laughing the entire time. That was a good laugh, happy feeling again type of laugh. Made my night. You're funny. Love it ! ❤️
Lisa Wolff (1 month ago)
powerfully funny!!
Elaine Fontaine (1 month ago)
that was so different and awesome
Barely Me (1 month ago)
I only remembered the story about him and the manager when he asked about it and I laughed at the joke
Joshua Low (2 months ago)
LOL he is using the same jokes as he says in church LOL
kjp551 (2 months ago)
Awwwwww! I love this guy!
Marcela Talmazan (2 months ago)
Amazing laugh ,amazing message .Much love
Elena Arms (2 months ago)
I've had the "waiting to arrive" syndrome for a long time. That's gone. However, now I've got to work on "My Punchline." Loved the Video had to watch a few times.
Mark B (2 months ago)
Good one MJ
Kathy L (2 months ago)
I don't know my punchline. Punchline is what you give back; did I understand that right? How do I find it? "just" turn things 180? --- Ok. I watched it again. the/my punchline is what I deliver FOR someone else. My art isn't "for" the money, it's "for" someone else's enjoyment. got it.
Anita Hiltz (2 months ago)
That was a wonderful message Michael!
Traci Losee (2 months ago)
this was awesome sir
Leita Jones (2 months ago)
Gday 🌺 Fatherly Wisdom🍎 Delicious food🍲for the Soul☀Have a Wonder filled Day Beautiful Souls 🌺 Lucky 🌴
Lisa Garza (2 months ago)
This is one of those things that everyone (including me) should watch like once a year.
Tunnel1967 (2 months ago)
What a punch line...
* 80's DAVE * (2 months ago)
2:25 hahaha 🚥 📸 🚥
Murph Report (2 months ago)
dyaflyingful (2 months ago)
Omg, the story with that abused child by him mom made me cry 😢. Thank you sir for making a difference for him
Todd F Wright (2 months ago)
Nancy Frix (2 months ago)
Oh my LORD, I love this man! He is amazing!
Jose Linares (2 months ago)
Im going to listen to this on repeat the this month and the next constantly
Julito Fernandez (2 months ago)
Good one. Thanks. Now I'm going to think what my life's punchline is.
Jose Linares (2 months ago)
OMG this video is freaking GOLD
Hawa (2 months ago)
Perfect timing hearing this💙
Dela Cruize (2 months ago)
Thank you 🙏 great food for thought 🤔 very inspiring 🌏😎
0373526asdff (2 months ago)
Wow. Hilarious and inspiring.
Lipsa Powten (2 months ago)
football player, lost one eye, suing for a lot of money. You are right, he won't see half of it. He is going to need more money, someone call Sandra Bullock and see if she wants to do a sequel to The Blind Side. And he should keep and eye out for anyone doing a new pirate movie. I should call Johnny Depp and see if he has any openings. What is he going to do with his wife, cause she is an eyeful. How is he going to sleep with one eye open and get any rest? And Michael could change a few words and make that funny. So I don't think it is only the way we can look at things but how we can explain things that make them funny.
diego belotti (2 months ago)
Timothy Graney (2 months ago)
awesome ... thanx for the punchline ^^
passtheparcel2007 (2 months ago)
Only towards the end, did he reveal his true purpose an intent!
passtheparcel2007 (2 months ago)
Ken Dood (Uk comedian) had the gift to give people, the ability to laugh....
Danny Rutz (2 months ago)
Dude is funny and he gave His life to the Lord were gonna be quite entertained by this man when we live in heaven cool vid

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