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Unusual Pregnancy 'Stop Motion' Clip- Time lapse. One funny reason to get pregnant!

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I guess sometimes you got a different reason to get your Belly big ;) More than 2,000 photos- week by week. Funny, happy, exhausting, emotional as a pregnancy always is! Here is my seconed baby growing inside. Like us (we would LOVE that!) and keep update at- http://bit.ly/MeRavitzOnFacebook website- http://www.meravitz.co.il/ Special thanks to: my sister- Namma Ravitz, for encouraging (and yelling) me to keep on going week by week. and for being a loving auntie. my childhood friend- Michal Geva, for bringing tears to my eyes everytime I hear the song she wrote just for me. "You're mine". Original music by Michal Geva / Recorded at Blueberry Hill's Studio- http://michalgeva.bandcamp.com/
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