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I love these Barbie Style Luxe Glam dolls! ShopaholicNoel was kind enough to send me one in our toy swap. This is Nikki and in my my opinion she's the best one of this second wave of dolls. What are your thoughts?
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Kawaii Jammer (2 years ago)
My sister has Nikki
Kathleen van ams (2 years ago)
i like nikkie I'm getting her and a view more styl doll for my birthday
By Clara (2 years ago)
Is Beautiful!!!!
Minnie Mause (3 years ago)
raven Denile (3 years ago)
Nikki is my favorite
DollyRox (4 years ago)
Also great video 😉
DollyRox (4 years ago)
Your an Alabama fan well that's cool I am a auburn fan anyways just a curiosity what state do you live in?😀
Jane Cole (4 years ago)
Will you vote on my poll anyone its on my googleplus+
Phael Lima (4 years ago)
I just love this doll! Nikki is always my fave character in any B' Line.  But this Nikki is "GORG" hahaha. (Just like you said!) I love the outfit and the "blond" hair! Just love this video! Make some news reviews for other girls! 
David Payne (4 years ago)
Does her purple jacket fit on the Monster High boy dolls? If so, I want it for Slo Mo
Elise Bui (4 years ago)
I haven't got Nikki yet but i'm making sure to get her. Love and enjoyed this video and you're the best, Jason! 😊
Cheryl Peterson (4 years ago)
We don't live that hugely far away from you, and we've had this doll in the stores for weeks. Months. A long time. Distribution is so weird. I didn't buy her. I have three of the first ones that scare me, now, with their lashes. Not sure what I was thinking. I'm glad you finally have her, now. Yay!
Cheryl Peterson (4 years ago)
@Jason Robert Keef  The Inland Empire (makes it sound super important, doesn't it)... Rancho Cucamonga. It used to be just Cucamonga, but probably somewhere in the '80's, they just had to add the Rancho to bling themselves up.
Jay Squared (4 years ago)
where do y'all live??! 
gingerandcloves (4 years ago)
Nikki is so pretty! I love this whole line of dolls. 
LeoTV (4 years ago)
I don't really like barbies anymore (but I still luv the barbie mermaids and the Katniss Everdeen barbie), but this doll is actually really pretty :). Hmmm, maybe I just don't like the blonde barbies...
God she is Beautiful! I must have her!! lol, Great review @Jason Robert Keef 
Sarah Sequins (4 years ago)
She's cute! My favorite one is Midge -- I'm a huge fan of the Steffie face mold, and I love that she comes with an itty bitty pink watch and flower sunglasses. Adorbs. <3 Am still deciding whether I want to re-root her to make her a true redhead....
carma08 (4 years ago)
She is absolutely stunning. I have not been able to find a review of her on YouTube, so I greatly appreciate you reviewing her. Thank you so much! :)
JArkeder (4 years ago)
I have this doll Nikki and I love her... Do you have 2 wave Raquelle and Barbie with jean skirt and flower jacket and Sweet heart on white shirt? If you have them I would love to see on your reviews of both:-)
Suzy Bernier (4 years ago)
I love that these dolls have eyelashes, so cool.  She looks awesome.
Shopaholic Noel (4 years ago)
ZombieXCorn (4 years ago)
My Walmart just had 7 nicki dolls xD
Mal Web (4 years ago)
Cool love the outfit! pretty!
She's so beautiful 😍 thanks for doing the review
Remy Raymay (4 years ago)
I was so happy when I got this doll & this makes her my first Nikki doll & I love everything about her, even more so that she's wearing my favorite color!
Jay Squared (4 years ago)
it's NIKKI!!!!!! 
Nicki Minaj (2 years ago)
Jay Squared i know right she so pretty
Quan Watts (4 years ago)
What store did you get Nikki from
onlyalisa W (4 years ago)
I agree 100% Nikki's very 90's urban HipHop style,, she is the best of the bunch so far.
thedreamlion (4 years ago)
She's such a gorgeous doll.
She's perfect, i want her so much too ! Congrats ;)

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