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8 Skincare Secrets My Mom Taught Me!

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SKINCARE SECRETS REVEALED...from my mama! Here are 8 Skincare Secrets My Mom Taught Me! If you want to know the skincare tips my mom taught me from an early age, watch this video! I have to thank my mom for teaching me how to take care of my skin at an early age, to her, skincare was just as important as makeup (if not, even more!). Be sure to THUMBS UP this video if you found it helpful and SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL so we can hang out every week! SHARE THE VIDEO if you know someone who would find it helpful. xo Jen ________________________ Missed my last videos? Watch it now: - How To: Choose The Right Foundation For Beginners: http://bit.ly/2c3Vg9L - How To: Clean, Store & Reuse False Eyelashes: http://bit.ly/2bZv9T5 - How To: Get Clear Skin FAST: http://bit.ly/2boYTJV ________________________ STUFF MENTIONED: The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask Use PROMO CODE: EXPERTMASKS in store & online at BodyShop.ca for $5 OFF ANY MASK! ________________________ CONTEST RULES: I’m giving away to 5 lucky winners a Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask! To enter, you must do the following: 1. Be subscribed to my channel (www.youtube.com/chiutips) 2. Add me on Instagram (@chiutips) 3. Add me on Snapchat (@chiu_bear) 4. Find the give-away photo on Instagram, thumbs up & #winwithjen Good luck to all those who enter! Winners will be notified via Instagram message, make sure your profile is public. Contest Ends: Sept 21, 2016 ________________________ LET’S HANG OUT EVERYDAY! ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT: chiu_bear INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/chiutips TWITTER: http://twitter.com/chiutips FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/chiutips PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/chiutips ________________________ MUSIC: Music by BENSOUND http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/gnvwBNvVfuU ________________________ Camera & Lighting Canon Rebel T5i http://amzn.to/1qGK6tJ and Natural Lighting! FTC: I created this video in partnership with The Body Shop. All opinions & thoughts are my own and 100% honest!
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Text Comments (1333)
Ayla-rose Young (10 hours ago)
What timer is it that she used just wondering I suffer from Acne so I hope this helps
Pure Shadow (22 hours ago)
How often should you wash your face with the rice water and what time (day or night)?
Nick Austin (1 day ago)
I am the Eyeliner Boy of our school! I hope you care,...shocks
Milena N (1 day ago)
moms rule! <3
Crunch 4 Life (1 day ago)
Do you have a Filipino mom? I know what it feels like
KN Victoria (2 days ago)
The way you put mask on your face using your brush is so satisfying..
Angie Alezy (3 days ago)
What if we dont have the rice face mask? Do we just wash our face with rice water?
Fathimath Aalaa Aalaa (3 days ago)
WOW.. my mom lets me wear makeup whenever i want to, and i am only 12.. she let me wear makeup ever since i was in 1st grade!!
Selim Selim (4 days ago)
Oh,,,, so like my mother... I'm 17 but she still wont let me wear make up.. Bc it really harms ur skin no matter hoe much u take care of ur skin.....
Michelle Misa (4 days ago)
is it okay to use face brush even though i have pimples?won't it irritate them?
TeddyBlair (6 days ago)
Jen: "Use Rice!" Me: **Looks down at rice on my dinner plate** Me: **Dips face in rice** Mom: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Me: "I'M MAKING MYSELF PRETTY MOM!"
tiny space (6 days ago)
I love your face and skin.....u r damn gorgeous
arooj Irshad baloch (8 days ago)
fabulous sharing is caring 💗💯👍
Wendy (9 days ago)
Lol i never wear makeup but my skin looks like shit
Malmal _25 (11 days ago)
Everything my mom taught me is in this vid lol
I love you 💕💞💖💗💝
Cats and Fine Art (12 days ago)
Even my family only uses Body Shop products .
Fantastico (13 days ago)
4:46 how to relax your face? Any special technique or massages Anyways, Nice N Helpful video :)
Patient wolves (14 days ago)
First thing she said was... my mom didn’t let me wear make up in high school. Me: too late for that now
odel levi (15 days ago)
I saw you used the bareminerals face brush.. what website it's safe to order from? Thank you so much
Emma Mae (16 days ago)
I'm in 8th grade and I wear makeup bc I have a lot of acne and ni one else rly does so makes me feel better.....
Syed Nizami (16 days ago)
K.s.a (16 days ago)
سبحان الله ✨ والحمدلله ✨ ولا إله إلا الله ✨ والله اكبر ✨ ولاحول ولاقوه الا بالله ✨ استغفر الله العظيم واتوب اليه✨
ItsGucci 21 (17 days ago)
This helped so much!! My skin is really red and I have acne, and the rice water wash, mask and steaming my face really helped, in only 3 days!!
riana rijksen (18 days ago)
where can i buy this special mask?
Person (19 days ago)
My Grandma’s and Moms tricks were crazy good omg! Wear lotions and moisturizers with sun screen. Apply cold packs to your face (it reduces inflammation from the pimples making them smaller) Steam your face Cut down on milk Eat pomegranates,pineapples, watermelons, or strawberries Don’t eat too much dairy Tea tree oil AND THE GREATEST HACK Stop using skin care products. My mom did research on all these skin care stuff and we found out some of the skin care products(especially neutorgena) has products that dried out skin and caused more pimples All we do is take old skin care bottles, clean them, and make homemade cleanses and moisturizers. I have clear glowing skin it’s crazy and I get compliments all the time. Also. If you need to urgently remove pimples and it’s like an emergency this will fix your problems in about an hour. 1st. Add a cold pack to your face. Apply for 5-10 minutes. 2nd. Add Vic’s vapor rub to your pimples, leave on for 20 minutes 3rd. Wash off and moisturizer with coconut or tea tree oil. YOUR WELCOME
Rosa Janssen (20 days ago)
What kind of brush did she gave you and what kind of stuff Should you use on the brush ??❤️❤️❤️
Ivy Tolentino (20 days ago)
How to be Whiter?? please help mee😢
Hyurae Choi (21 days ago)
this is satisfying somehow
Lauren Nathan (21 days ago)
Qupcake Lemon Gacha (21 days ago)
do we have to do all step by step or can we just choose one to do.
Catherine (21 days ago)
Where did you get the face brush in the video?
Lps Cheesy (21 days ago)
So helpful!! Thank you 😊
Ronnie Aro (23 days ago)
Right after I watched this, I drank a hot cop of water and lemon. Thank you!
Elizabeth James (23 days ago)
This is so good. Thank you.
SmileitsBisma (23 days ago)
This is all great but the no frowning made me laugh 😂
MATIKA REDFERN (23 days ago)
The way you put on that mask is satisfying
dawi is my name (24 days ago)
Lets do this 1:25
nicole blasing (27 days ago)
I’m curious about rice water because I thought you’re supposed to rinse rice before cooking to get rid of pesticides and other things? How do you make the rice water?
Sarah Camarena (27 days ago)
Which toner do you use?
talullah gardiner (27 days ago)
Diana Wood (1 month ago)
What do you use to wash your face with?
Kamilla Iqbal (1 month ago)
Bare minerals foundation is great for your skin. Wear it with maybelline superstay lipstick. Good stuff.
Fhemarie Gaston (1 month ago)
Ewa Gałka (1 month ago)
I always use water from boiled Rice. This is good option for my skin?
Zulfiqar Hadiya (1 month ago)
You are really pretty.
Furkan (1 month ago)
awww........ ur eyes talks. i fell love into ur eyes..
Sariah Moore (1 month ago)
my mom taught me to use Norwex body clothes to wash my face.
Billie eyelash (1 month ago)
Oml everytime I wake up my dad is like “DiD yOu WaSh YoUr FaCe”
bobi mumomi (1 month ago)
1:26 me too 👌😄
Beauty Skills (1 month ago)
Good natural tips..thanks for sharing 💖
Ridhima Oberoi (1 month ago)
What face brush did you use?
iniyah Greene (1 month ago)
Every time she talks she reminds me of rice
Lily Justice (1 month ago)
My mom tells me too do the same thinggg
Sonia_kcl (1 month ago)
Can you do a video with your mom
Salma louhichi (1 month ago)
Can you please put the link of that mask below ??
Monique Lehnhardt (1 month ago)
Great video. My mom always said to not do four things and you will age beautifully. Don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t spend time in the sun, and don’t drink any brown colored liquids. The first three were easy but I do like tea. But all brown liquid contain tannic acid which is used to make cow hide into leather. If you don’t want your skin to look like an old shoe, stay away from tannic acid. She was wrinkle free into her eighties. So I guess mom knows best.
Beauty With Lakshmi (1 month ago)
Nice dear 😊
AllthingsDiana&Beauty (1 month ago)
In Africa we are not allowed to wear makup until we are in university or in the event But we thankx God for that our skin growing and baby face always,And we eat a lot of veggies,fish fruit so much ,your mother she is like my mum
Vyn (1 month ago)
Damn your skin is good
DBZtaytay (1 month ago)
2019 anyone
Amazing video!Great tips!Your mother is wise!💛💛💛💋💋💋
Lina La (1 month ago)
saff Amen (1 month ago)
Oh my god your mom is the same like mine she always says relax your face and also tells me to put suncream everyday that I do
Umme Fahima (1 month ago)
Video starts 1:18😅
Ashley Pascual (1 month ago)
Same, I'm in 10th grade and I don't wear any makeup, I rarely get ache or etc.
Tima Alkoush (1 month ago)
Do something pls for white teeth tips
Far Canal (1 month ago)
I’m new here
Norshahida Hidayat (1 month ago)
You are very lucky. You had an awesome mom
Crystal Chavez (1 month ago)
this girl wants attention your mom knows best
Ravi P (1 month ago)
any easy tips for pimples treatment in one week pls reply fast mam
NAWAL AL-BALOOSHII (1 month ago)
These are desi secrets too...
Unicay Squad (1 month ago)
Who else got a currology commercial?
Laila Malik (1 month ago)
Do you have warm water 💦 in the morning or boiled?
Niharika Suresh (1 month ago)
guys plz help me out I wanna have clear skin and all but my mom won't let me buy face masks and creams and stuff from the store and I wanna have a peel off face mask. I do n't hv gelatine and I don't think glue will help my skin so any suggestions?? btw it doesn't just hv to be peel off...just any natural mask that helps❤️ Honestly, I don't hv heavy blemish or anything just a few blackheads and very small whiteheads...ilysm❤️
tprincess adeshewer (1 month ago)
Ifound this helpful dear
Lou (1 month ago)
How old are you???? I'd say in your twenties
evelyn esser (1 month ago)
i like your eyelashes !!
Ines kpoplover (1 month ago)
Can I know where to get that face brush online?
prashanta thokchom (1 month ago)
Hello Jen , I have been seeking for the think but I couldn't find it so please can I be the winner please😍😊😍😊
I did it
Mozzie (1 month ago)
Why did I see a skincare ad before this?!?
Blaxx (1 month ago)
Lemon and water definitely (my mum would always add a squeeze of lemon rather than a slice, and use cold water) so either way its tried and proven 💖
Lara Noor (1 month ago)
Which eyelashes are you wearing?
Your amazing your mom is smart
Milena N (1 month ago)
moms rule!
Estrella Verbeck (1 month ago)
Can we just acknowledge that her beauty is mesmerizing
Bust Bunny (1 month ago)
Amazing video, love these tips.
travguy56 (1 month ago)
I love skincare so much I hope to be able to instill some of these tips in my children one day. It's so important to take care of your skin! Thanks for sharing :)
khosru patwary (1 month ago)
My mom never tell me to use a lip balm only😭😭
Ishani Yadav (1 month ago)
Tqq 💞
Anshee Mehta (1 month ago)
Its late its 2019 now
Kelly Nicole (1 month ago)
Damn the way she puts on that mask is so satisfying hahaha
Queen Flawless (1 month ago)
sadly I can't wear sunscreen. It make my face swell up. Anyone else or just me?
Ena Jun (1 month ago)
Where do u from ?
xX Gachawolf Xx (1 month ago)
Makeup routine for me: sweater.
Marbled Fashion (1 month ago)
Mama chiu knows her way😍🥰😇
Michelle Hooper (1 month ago)
Let us meet your mom :) Tell me more about the rice water please. X
hitting the bull's eye (1 month ago)
Very honest video. New addition to ur subscribers community

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